The teams make their way from Malaysia to Singapore for this leg of the race.  The dreaded U Turn is coming up and Brent and Caite want to use it on their nemesis Brandy and Carol but it is a race to see who gets their first.

The two teams have had it out for each other since day one when the ladies made fun of Caite for her beauty queen statements.  From there the two teams have managed to try and avoid each other but the looks and side comments kept going throughout the race. 

Departing first was the cowboys but all teams end up together on the train to Singapore.  When they arrive at their first clue, Dan and Jordan decide to try the fast forward while the other teams make their way to the Detour.  Dan and Jordan had to ride in one of the cars in the Singapore Flier and once they reach the top they had to leave their car and crawl to the next car.  A scary situation but well worth it because they immediately get to go to the pit stop and become the first team to arrive.

The other teams reach a Detour where they choose from learning a drum routine or trying to selll ice cream on the streets.  All choose the drums but the detectives leave to do the fast forward but have to leave once they get there because it is already being done so they then have to sell 25 ice cream sandwiches on the streets of Singapore.

Brent and Caite do pretty well and finish the drums first so they reach the U Turn before anyone else and put up Brandy and Carol’s picture.  When they get to the U Turn they have some not so nice comments to say about the former Miss Teen USA contestant.  The best was calling them Brent and Caite Gump.  Brandy and Carol must now go back and sell ice cream before they can move on to the next clue.

The teams make their way to a shipyard where they get stuck with a Roadblock.  A member from each team must count the chains on a large anchor chain and if they get the correct number (521) they receive their next clue.  All teams complete this first time out.  They now make their way to a park where they ride down a mega zip line to receive their clue to the pit stop.

Dan and Jordan had already arrived a while back.  Brent and Caite come in second; Jet and Cord third; and Louis and Michael fourth.  Brandy and Carol are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race.  I think they will hold a grudge against the models for the rest of their lives.

Sirlinksalot The Amazing Race

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