This episode of The Amazing Race begins with teams taking a bus from Germany to an undetermined place in France.  Jeff and Jordan came in last place at a non elimination leg last week and have to do an extra speed bump in order to complete this part of the race.

The detectives set out first and remain in the lead the entire way.  Each team must drive to a bakery and buy a baguette which has a clue inside telling them to go to what is probably the craziest Detour ever.  A mock World War I battlefield is the setting for this contest and the players get dressed up as French soldiers and choose between crawling under a barbed wire obstacle course or deciphering a Morse code.  Everyone chooses to crawl on their bellies with fire and bombs going off around them. 

The detectives are out first and have the option to give one of the teams a blind u turn.  They decide Joe and Heidi need a dose of humble pie so they choose them and poor Joe and Heidi are having a hard time trying to figure out the Morse code.  Several teams pass them and it is starting to look like they are not going to make it.

But wait, Brent and Caite arrive at the pit stop 6th only to find out they never received one of their clues and must go back and retrieve it.  They make it back to the pit stop still in 6th place.

Jeff and Jordan still have to do their speed bump and we finally see the bickering between the two.  I’m holding my breath wanting Joe and Heidi to get it together but they do not.  Sadly they never figured out the code and Phil has to come find them and give them the bad news that they have been eliminated.

Louie and Michael come in first again and both receive a 55″ HDTV.  How do you like the teams left in the race?