December 19, 2012

Project Runway 2013: Michael Kors Replaced By Zac Posen For Season 11

It looks like some changes are happening for Project Runway 2013, as they have announced that Michael Kors replaced by Zac Posen as judge for Project Runway Season 11! This is huge news because Michael has been a judge for all ten seasons, so this will be all new territory for the judges panel. When you think of Project Runway you think of Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors! Will it be the same without Michael Kors on Project Runway Season 11?

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October 15, 2010

‘Project Runway’ Season 8 Episode 12 recap: Final five becomes four

There have been two kinds of “Project Runway” fans this season. There have been the ones that hate Michael C. and there have been the ones that hate Gretchen (and before you comment, everyone hated Ivy so she doesn’t count). So there should be a lot of angry people right now. Michael C. and Gretchen […]

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