With the holiday weekend upon us, a lot of shows are being pushed until next week. Is SYTYCD 2017 one of them? Find out here with my So You Think You Can Dance season 14 spoilers right here! If you missed last week’s episode you can find all the details on night one of the New York auditions on SYTYCD season 14 here!

SYTYCD 2017: Is So You Think You Can Dance Season 14 on Tonight? 7/3/2017

Every time a holiday comes around we are left playing a guessing game about whether our favorite shows are going to be on. This Fourth of July weekend is one of those times where we are left wondering if SYTYCD season 14 is on. Keep reading to find out if So You Think You Can Dance 2017 is on tonight!

Tonight we are left with a re-run of SYTYCD so if you missed night two of the LA Auditions, you are in luck. Otherwise, the rest of us are left waiting until next week for night two of the New York auditions on So You Think You Can Dance season 14.

Make sure you come back and enjoy the auditions with me next week right here with my SYTYCD 2017 live recap starting at 8/7c next Monday night!

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