The auditions on SYTYCD 2015 continue tonight on FOX, as Nigel Lythgoe, Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo make their way to Detroit for the So You Think You Can Dance Season 12 auditions. It was a good start to the show last week and I think these SYTYCD judges 2015 will eventually get the chemistry to be a good judging panel. What can we expect for the Week 2 auditions on So You Think You Can Dance 2015? Check out a sneak peek below in our SYTYCD 2015 spoilers!

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SYTYCD 2015 Spoilers - Week 2 Preview - Detroit Auditions

Last week on So You Think You Can Dance Season 12, things kicked off with the premiere and auditions in both Memphis and Dallas. Memphis had a good Day 1, but then Day 2 came around and the whole city lost power! This almost cancelled all of the auditions, but they were able to get some generators working and some lighting, so people were seen. Overall, we saw some good dancers and stories that made us cry and the dancers that made us laugh, including Courtney Barnes, who returned again to make it on the live shows! He did move on to Vegas, but will it be enough to make the live shows?

For tonight, we are moving things along and heading to Motown! Detroit could bring us some pretty good talent on SYTYCD 2015, so I am excited for tonight. However, as fun as the auditions on SYTYCD Season 12 can be, I am one that just wants to see the live shows begin and see the final dancers that I will be voting on to be the winner of SYTYCD 2015!

Check out a sneak peek for So You Think You Can Dance 2015 here:

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