Survivor South Pacific episode 4 results are in and it wasn’t a good week for the Upolu tribe. After losing, just barely, another competition to Savaii they were back at the Tribal Council where one of their members would have to be sent home.

Ultimately the vote came down to eliminating Stacey Powell in an overwhelming majority. Everyone voted against her while Stacey voted for Edna to leave. Perhaps if Stacey had done a better job of talking to her tribe and reminding them she did hold a lot more weight in the competition than Edna could have then she might have stayed.

Now Stacey will face off against the repeat winner Christine who fended off last week’s eliminated castaway, Papa Bear. These two former allies will compete for the single chance at returning to the game. One will go home and one will press on.

Survivor South Pacific will be back next week for its fifth episode in the season.

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