After an exciting first week on Survivor Second Chance 2015, we are back for some more drama tonight on Survivor Season 31 and with Abi still on the island, the drama is definitely going to still be coming. Remember though, she is going to play Survivor Cambodia 2015 differently then before! Yeah, that lasted like ten minutes of being with her tribe! Check out a Week 2 preview below in our Survivor Second Chance 2015 spoilers!

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Survivor Second Chance 2015 Spoilers - Week 2 Preview

Last week on Survivor Season 31, it was time for the Season 31 premiere and it started off pretty strong. These were all familiar faces, as they have all played the game before and lost, so America voted and gave these 20 castaways a second chance at winning that $1 million. They were divided into tribes and camps were being built and new alliances formed. Kelley Wentworth went searching for a Hidden Immunity Idol and discovered a clue for it, which could be found at the Immunity Challenge, which is new this season! She was able to sneak in there and grab it, so good for her! At Tribal Council, it came down to Vytas and Abi and it was Vytas getting more votes and he was the first castaway voted off!

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For tonight, it looks like Abi is going to try and stir things up even more, so way to stay out of the drama, girl! And it looks like we have another returning challenge, so maybe they are just going to recycle challenges all season long? Kind of cool, but think of some new ones people! Check out some sneak peek photos for Week 2 right here:

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And check out a sneak peek look at Abi stirring the pot here:

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