Remember when Abi-Marie said she was going to play nice on Survivor Second Chance 2015 and not let her temper get to her? Yeah, we saw that lasted about 20 seconds during the Survivor Season 31 premiere and I think it is going to get even worse tonight on Survivor Cambodia 2015! Watch with us during my Survivor Second Chance 2015 Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor Second Chance 2015 tonight!

Survivor Second Chance 2015 Spoilers - Week 2 Recap

Last week on Survivor Season 31, it was time for the Season 31 premiere and it started off pretty strong. These were all familiar faces, as they have all played the game before and lost, so America voted and gave these 20 castaways a second chance at winning that $1 million. They were divided into tribes and camps were being built and new alliances formed. Kelley Wentworth went searching for a Hidden Immunity Idol and discovered a clue for it, which could be found at the Immunity Challenge, which is new this season! She was able to sneak in there and grab it, so good for her! At Tribal Council, it came down to Vytas and Abi and it was Vytas getting more votes and he was the first castaway voted off!

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Here we go…

CAMP – Wiglesworth is upset to be at the bottom of her tribe and surprised that Jeff flipped his vote. Kelley is excited to finally get to read her Idol and she is excited. Jeff talks with Spencer, Shirin and Kelley and he said he flipped the vote to show the old school to get up and play the game. He said new school is playing too hard and he wants Spencer or Shirin gone next and he tells that to Terry.

Over on Bayon Tribe, Joe wants to mix it up and he makes hammocks! He is trying to be someone everyone likes and wants around and not a threat, like his first time. Stephen said he is Survivor MacGyver and said he is perfect in the early stages and you slit his neck at the merge!

Over on Ta Keo, Abi said she is being good. She goes with Spencer to talk to Peih-Gee about a chimney for the fire and Abi is just so weird. She then goes to talk to the guys to interrupt their conversation. Jeff said she is her own soap opera and who needs food when you have Abi, as she is that delicious and he wants to take her to the end because everyone hates her! Over on Bayon, we hear Andrew tell his story about meeting his wife and he brings the whole tribe to tears! Even Kass is showing emotions and said she hated everyone the first time, but like people here now. This sets Jeremy off, as he leaves and tells us his wife is pregnant and wants this for her but wants to keep it to himself.

His tribe notices he is gone and Stephen thinks he is looking for an idol, but Andrew said his story may have affected him. He goes to talk to Jeremy and tells him about Stephen and it looks like he is gunning to get him out!

Peih-Gee and Shirin are talking bad about Abi and she overhears, so this turns into a big blowup between Peih-Gee and Abi. Now Peih-Gee goes back to shelter and everyone is laughing at her, including the own people aligning with her. Abi sits on the beach and is crying and I do feel bad for her. Terry feels for her, so he goes out there to talk to her and make her feel better. He is working this and getting Abi to align with them, so watch out Spencer and Shirin! The next day, Jeff is working on Abi now and talks up Terry and said they should all work together.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – For this challenge, they have to race across a series of A-frames while carrying ropes. They will use that rope to pull a heavy crate to finish. That crate has puzzle pieces in it, so two people will work on putting the puzzle together! First tribe done wins immunity and a tool kit and materials to make shelter even better. Ciera sits out for Bayon Tribe.

These ramps are not easy to get up and down and we are going to have some sore castaways on Survivor Second Chance 2015! Bayon gets crate first and we have Kass and Kimmi working the puzzle. Ta Keo gets their crate and Kelley and Peih-Gee work on their puzzle, but Spencer comes in and replaces Kelleye. Ta Keo is yelling and arguing and way too much talking going on! Ta Keo thinks they have it, but they are wrong! Bayon tries right after and they are correct, so they win and no Tribal Council for them tonight! Ta Keo is headed to Tribal Council tonight!

CAMP – Spencer feels good, as he can trust Shirin this season. Meanwhile, Jeff is working on Peih-Gee and Wiglesworth on voting them out! He continues to work that whole tribe, as it looks like Shirin and Spencer are in some trouble tonight! Shirin talks to Abi to make sure things are good and Abi said she is pissed that she didn’t stand up for her or come console her and Terry did. Well, that turns into Abi outing that they are gunning for Spencer and Shirin! Now Spencer and Shirin are scrambling and it is funny to watch, as they thought they were so safe. Confidence doesn’t work on Survivor, they should know that!

TRIBAL COUNCIL – Varner said the challenge took a lot out of them. Shirin said she didn’t have fun the first time and not having fun again. Shirin is playing the victim and Jeff Probst calls her out on it and it is good. Spencer said he is concerned because he talked too much strategy and didn’t connect with people. Varner confirms that either Shirin or Spencer will be going home. Spencer said he will change from now and no alliances but getting to know them. Time for the vote on Survivor Second Chance 2015. Jeff tallies the votes and no idol played.

VOTES – Spencer, Shirin, Shirin, Shirin, Spencer, Spencer, Spencer, Shirin and Shirin! That means Shirin is voted off tonight and Spencer survives. I like Spencer, so glad to see that happen.

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