The castaways on Survivor Second Chance 2015 might look familiar, but they should! They are all back for a second chance at competing on Survivor Cambodia 2015 and they all hope to walk away as the winner of Survivor Season 31! It will only happen for one of them, but this could be a very fun and very dramatic run to that finale! Watch with us tonight during our Survivor Second Chance 2015 Recap and see who went home on Survivor Second Chance 2015 tonight!

Survivor Second Chance 2015 Spoilers - Premiere Sneak Peek 8

Since we are bringing back all returning players this season, Jeff Probst and the crew are going to be making some changes, especially to the Hidden Immunity Idols! Each week, the look of them will be different. One week it could be fancy and the next week it could look like a child made it. That way they never know what to expect. Also, they will find clues around camp for the idols, but the actual idols will be hidden during the challenges! Will the castaways be brave enough to search for it with everyone watching them? or can they be sneaky about it? And will they risk winning immunity to get that hidden idol???

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Here we go…the castaways are arriving and telling us how they have changed since the first time they appeared and telling us how their elimination has haunted them! Loved what Tasha said, as she said she was nice the first time and she will be ruthless this time to win the $1 million and pray for forgiveness afterwards!

After lots of talking, the castaways finally get to Jeff Probst and they are on boats. The tribes are announced and we have:

  • Ta Keo Tribe (Blue) – Woo, Shirin, Kelly Wiglesworth, Peih-Gee, Vytas, Abi, Terry, Jeff, Spencer and Kelley Wentworth
  • Bayon Tribe (Red) – Ciera, Tasha, Stephen, Andrew, Jeremy, Monica, Kass, Joe, Keith and Kimmi

Now they have to jump off their boats and head to the boat Jeff is on and will gather supplies for camp and put it on a raft. They will then head out to another boat and first one there gets the rice! So, how long do they stay on first boat before heading out to get rice. Wiglesworth decided to not even get on the raft and she tries swimming to the raft. Both tribes have castaways in the water, but it is Woo getting to the rice first and he wins rice for the Ta Keo Tribe!

CAMP – Ta Keo gets to camp first and time to start building shelter and getting things setup. Terry said old school and new school Survivor is different and they work on setting up camp and new school is more social. Terry said he is going to work more on his social game this season and is already working it with Spencer. Abi seems to have lost her bag and is freaking out, as she needs her bracelets?

Over at Bayon Tribe, camp is being built also. Jeremy tries to smooth things over with Keith. He then is working things with Tasha and Andrew and now Joe. Didn’t he do this his first season too? Lining up people after an hour of being there? Stephen said he has the same issue, as he doesn’t fit in with the guys and he doesn’t seem to be good at anything around camp!

Vytas is trying to work it with the women. Shirin is not a fan of him. She thinks Vytas is swarmy and tells Jeff and Joe about it and all his connections. Shirin is talking a million miles a minute and Jeff is overwhelmed. Now Abi finds her bracelet inside Peih-Gee’s bag and said she isn’t going to say anything about it, but then tells everyone about it. The bracelet is ugly, so I don’t think anyone would want to steal it.

Over on Bayon, they are working on starting a fire. Stephen goes out to get wood, but decides to look for an idol at the same time. It took some time, but Joe got the fire started!

Day 2 and Jeff is unsure of where he stands. He said he feels like he has never played this game before and him and Peih-Gee are torn between old school and new school on Survivor Second Chance 2015. Meanwhile, Kelley Wentworth is out searching for an idol. She doesn’t find an idol, but she finds a clue for it and finds out that the idol will be at the Immunity Challenge! It tells you where it is, but you have everyone watching you and will see you going for it. It makes it difficult to secretly grab it, so I am interested to see that.

We got Joega going on for the Bayon Tribe and Tasha is loving Joe’s body. I guess both tribes are yoga lovers, as Vytas is trying to teach Shirin yoga on Ta Keo. However, Shirin and Kelley are annoyed and want him gone! I thought I liked Vytas the first time, but he is rubbing me the wrong way tonight.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – They race out to a raft and light a torch. They will use that torch to light a series of fires. They will make their way to a stand and place their raft. They will then use sticks and ropes to build a stick to retrieve a key. They will use the key to unlock a gate and light the final fire will win immunity! They also win materials to start a fire and a tarp for the firewood. This was the first challenge ever on Survivor and Kelly lost that challenge!

We had Ta Keo get off to the early lead and Kelly was building the stick. She fell short, as Bayon came back and Joe took over and got that key before her and Bayon won immunity! We also saw that Kelley Wentworth was able to sneak in and grab that Hidden Immunity Idol! So, Bayon is safe and Jeff Probst tells Ta Keo they are heading to to Tribal Council right now!!! No time to talk, so it might be buh bye Abi!

TRIBAL COUNCIL – It’s all about second chances and what this means to them. They had no time to strategize after the challenge, so it looks like the earlier talks might factor into it. It looks like it could be Vytas or Abi voted off tonight on Survivor Cambodia 2015. Jeff Varner said it is all different this time around and he doesn’t want to screw it up! It is time for the vote! Jeff tallies the votes and no idol is plac

VOTES – Vytas, Abi, Vytas, Abi, Vytas, Abi, Vytas, Abi, Vytas and Vytas! That means Vytas is the first person voted out and I am shocked by that. I have to go back and look at his previous season, but I thought I liked him!

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