With only eight castaways remaining, things are getting tense on Survivor Philippines 2012 and by the looks of the Survivor Season 25 preview below, Abi might be in danger of leaving us tonight. Big moves were made last week on Survivor 2012 Philippines with the alliances and Mike Skupin finally thought with his head before making another dumb move on Survivor 25. Come back tonight for my Survivor Philippines 2012 recap and find out who was eliminated on Survivor 25.

With nine castaways left last week, the original Yellow Tribe seemed to be in control. They had five members and could vote off the other four one by one. However, Jonathan Penner started working his magic and getting into the heads of Mike and Lisa Whelchel on Survivor Philippines 2012. The two of them have always been the outsiders on the Yellow Tribe and they finally convinced Mike to join the other four, which led to Artis being voted off!

This week, if things continue as planned, they would be targeting Abi, Pete or Lisa. From the looks of the preview below, all eyes seem to be on Abi. In the video, the announcer even goes so far as saying: They have survived bad weather and hunger, but can they survive the most annoying castaway ever? Abi is deemed the most annoying castaway ever and I am not going to argue with that title. Yes, there have been a lot of annoying people on Survivor, but she drives me insane this season with her stupidity and the fact that she rarely participates in any of the challenges. How does she think she can win Survivor 2012 Philippines with that track record?

Do you think they will be smart and vote Abi out tonight? Check out the preview here:

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