It has been an interesting season on Survivor Philippines 2012, as we saw Mike Skupin, Jonathan Penner and Russell Swan return for another attempt at winning after they were all medically evacuated on their other attempts. We have our final four on Survivor 2012 Philippines of Mike, Malcolm, Denise and Lisa Whelchel. They made a pact to go to the end and here they are as the final four on Survivor Season 25. Come back tonight for my Survivor Philippines 2012 Live Recap and find out who won Survivor 25?

On Wednesday we finally got to see Abi’s run on Survivor 2012 Philippines come to an end! She is the most annoying person from this season, well besides Lisa and her constant need to blurt her mouth out and tell everyone’s plans at Tribal Council. Yes, we know you have your Christian ways, but keep them to yourself. I don’t know how she has made it to the final four after airing everyone’s laundry every time they hit Tribal Council. Anyway, that rant is over. Abi tried to sneak her way into the final four, but the alliance stayed strong and voted Abi onto the jury, which I am sure she will cause some havoc on tonight.

Tonight it is all about the final four. One more immunity challenge, which is a huge one for them all. Win the last Immunity Challenge and you are guaranteed a spot in the final three and a chance to state your case to the jury on why you should win. It should get interesting tonight, so come back and watch the two-hour finale with me during my Survivor Philippines 2012 Live Recap!

Football and now a speech by President Obama have us running behind….we’ll start when CBS starts! The President has finished and Jeff Probst is talking on my TV screen, so here we go folks!

It is one big look back at every from this season and each of the final four castaways. Let’s just get to it Jeff!

The final four come back from the Tribal Council and Mike says it is like having a tumor removed after they voted Abi off the island. Malcolm is now paranoid after Abi said that Malcolm is a lock-in to win it all. Apparently Mike and Malcolm made a secret alliance to be the final two, so this is going to be interesting, but now Mike wants to sit back and see who he is best sitting next to in the final three.

They get tree mail and they are not sure if it will be a reward or immunity challenge and now we are about to find out as the castaways meet Jeff. It is Day 37 and things are getting real and it is a Reward Challenge, in which they will race through a series of obstacles and collecting three bags along the way, which contain puzzle pieces. The first person to complete the puzzle wins the reward, which is the biggest in Survivor history and gives them an advantage in the final Immunity Challenge!

Denise gets the first bag and Lisa is behind everyone. Malcolm falls off and has to go back. Mike gets the second bag and takes the lead. Denise and Malcolm are close behind. Mike gets the third and heads out first with Denise right behind and then Malcolm. Lisa catches up and everyone is working on the puzzle now. Denise is going strong and I think this is where she wins and then gets immunity tomorrow. Anyone agree? It seems to be a battle between Malcolm and Denise with the others behind. Denise started strong, but Malcolm came back strong and wins the reward and will get a huge advantage in the Immunity Challenge! What will it be?

The four come back on Survivor 25 and Lisa said it is hard enough to beat him to begin with and now he has an advantage  in it, which makes it even harder. Malcolm and Denise head out and Denise asks him about solidifying to a final three and commit to her for final three, but he is not committing to it, which she knows is not normal of him. She now needs to figure out a plan and figure it out fast.

Denise approaches Lisa about turning on Malcolm and going to Final Three with Lisa and Mike. The problem is is that he has the advantage, so if he wins immunity none of this talk matters. Lisa said she hugged her on the deal, but never shook her hand. Mike and Denise talk and then Mike and Lisa talk and they pretty much know they are in the final three and either one of them will go with them depending on who wins the Immunity Challenge. Mike thinks everyone will vote Malcolm on the jury, but he thinks he has a pretty good story to win it all and must determine who he wants to sit next to. Is he nuts?

Back on Survivor Philippines 2012 and does anyone else notice that they seem to be eating a lot more this episode? Lisa and Mike are talking again and they think they need to let Denise win immunity because everyone thinks Denise road Malcolm’s coattails and has no votes. Mike is thinking it is better to take Malcolm, which I think he is crazy for thinking!

They then get tree mail and it is time for the Fallen Comrades Walk on Survivor Season 25 and take a look back at everyone that has gone before them on Survivor 2012 Philippines. I like that they talk about Angie, the blonde with the big boobs that was Malcolm’s sleeping buddy, and they Angie said she is well-rounded as they show show her in a bikini and the boobs out and about…well-rounded indeed. From all the fallen castaways, which one do you wish was still here right now on Survivor Season 25?

Here we go, the final Immunity Challenge on Survivor Philippines 2012! Today they each have a wooden cylinder that has been cut into several wooden pieces in front of them. They will have to balance a ball using two handles on each piece of wood. Every five minute they will add a piece, which will make it more difficult to balance the ball. When the balls falls off, you are out and last person standing wins immunity. For winning the reward, Malcolm is allowed a second chance if he drops the ball and gets to put it back on and keep going…could be huge!

The players start and I am rooting for Denise! They all do a solid job on the first piece, but Malcolm did have a little wobble. They are now adding two more pieces of wood on both sides and here we go again for another five minutes. Mike is shaking a little, but gets it under control. Malcolm drops his ball! The advantage comes into play and they all drop their pieces and then resume the challenge and it is even for everyone now. Malcolm is struggling again and his arm is shaky, but he recovers two more times. You can count Malcolm out because everyone else is solid. And just like that, he drops the ball again and no immunity for him! Will Mike and Lisa let Denise win now?

I guess not because out of no where Denise drops her ball and she is out of the challenge. Mike and Lisa survive another round, so it is now Round 3 and two more pieces of wood will be added. Both have been pretty solid, especially Lisa. She was close and struggled as time ran out, but she survived Round 3 and now two more pieces are added one and five more minutes. Both are struggling with all the wood in there and Lisa drops the ball and Mike wins the final immunity, just as he wanted! Will he win it all now? Do they vote off Malcolm or Denise?

They come back the Immunity Challenge and here is where all the talking begins. The only one guaranteed a chance is Mike, but who will he bring with him for the final three. Malcolm isn’t calling the shots and he is worried, but from rumors around the web he is not making it to the final three. They vote him out and that is a vote for Denise. Malcolm states his case to Lisa and Mike and then Denise states her case. It is all down to what Lisa and Mike vote. Malcolm votes Denise and Denise votes Malcolm. She said she is a stubborn woman and she will make it happen to get Mike to vote for Malcolm.

Mike is thinking there is honor in beating the best of the best and taking Malcolm to the end on Survivor 25. It would be a great head-to-head battle between him and Malcolm, but you came to win and I think it is a vote towards Malcolm. Who do you think will get eliminated on Survivor 25?

Time for Tribal Council and the final four head out to meet Jeff. Everyone is laying it on thick, but it never matters because all that matters is what they write on that sheet. Jeff asked if favors play into this vote and she said no because that would be a $1 million favor and that is huge. Favors are out and it is a strategy game and she will be voting strategy. Malcolm said Denise has been to every Tribal Council and she is a bigger threat. Then Jeff asked Lisa if there is a reason to bring Malcolm to the finals and she said there is no reason to bring him to the finals for her! Is that a sign?

The castaways go to vote and Malcolm thinks he is the one going home, but you never know. Lisa can never keep her mouth shut and she did it again. Jeff tallied the votes and the last person eliminated on Survivor Philippines 2012 is Malcolm! He said congratulations Denise when he grabbed his torch! Are you shocked????

So, we are down to Denise, Lisa and Mike on Survivor Season 25 and one more day and then they head to state their case to the jury. This should be interesting. Denise said Malcolm was a great ally, but this is the part of the game that she outwit him. Malcolm gave the endorsement to Denise, but it is whoever can plead their case the best.

We have finally arrived at Day 39 on Survivor Philippines 2012. No more strategies and alliance talk and it is just sit back and enjoy the view, which is a beautiful morning for them. They go get tree mail and there is a ton of food, which gives them all the strength they need for that final Tribal Council and their time with the jury. After enjoying all their food and tearing down the camp, the time on the island has come to an end and it is time for things to get dirty at Tribal Council. Can Blair from Facts of Life win?

The Final Three have arrived at Tribal Council and this is where it gets real. It is Opening Statements then the jury gets to confront them and that is it. Denise said she is not going to apologize for anything for being there and she worked well in all tribes and she survived every Tribal Council and deserves the title. Lisa said she played her own game and when her brother came he taught her to trust her gut and remember this is a game and she didn’t play a pretty game, but she learned and she grew. Mike said he did things with such fire because he knew his back was against the wall and he played his guts out.

Time for the jury to address the Final Three…Artis is first and he said if you start the game all holier than though and speaking loyalty, but then change that then karma is a bitch. Carter gave Lisa and Mike props for being there still and they played a good game. He asked Mike when he knew he was going home. Mike said the hardest vote was when they had to get rid of him. Pete questions Lisa on her saying she didn’t vote for her alliance, but she knew about it and didn’t change it. He then asked why Denise deserves it and she said going from tribe to tribe to tribe she had to strategize more than anyone and should be gone.

RC is next and she said she is proud of Lisa and knew she would be here. She questions Mike and he said he knew Penner was going home that night and he was blindsided. Malcolm said for the first time he considered writing Lisa’s name down and then attacks Denise and she appeases everyone and that is her job, but she said she played a game and she is here and he is there…get it Denise! Mike tells Jeff that his name was brought up all the time, unlike Lisa and Denise this season. Jeff calls Lisa out for being someone that floated along and she tries to defend herself, but he doesn’t think it worked.

Abi is next and asked why she should vote for them because she has no clue who she is voting for. Lisa said she stuck to their alliance, Mike said he outwit, outplayed and outlasted both of them and Denise apologized if she truly hurt her and that was not her intentions, but their personalities did not mesh. Penner is last and he calls Denise a bitch, says that Mike is saying he is this big target, but his name has never been written down and then he calls Lisa out for being a TV star! That could totally hurt her and he thought that everyone should know. She asked if he told everyone about his teen years, but he doesn’t want anything to do with it. Do you think that will hurt Lisa’s chances of winning Survivor Philippines 2012?

It is now time for the vote and to see who won Survivor Philippines 2012! The jury will vote for who they think should win. RC votes for Lisa, Penner votes for Denise and Carter votes for Mike, so of course we are all tied up. Jeff tallies the votes and now it is time to head back to the United States for the reading of the votes! This is so intense! Who will it be?

We are now live in Hollywood and it is time to find out who the jury voted the winner of Survivor Season 25. Before he gets to the results, Jeff calls for a moment of silence for the tragedies that happened in Newtown, CT. A very nice gesture by CBS and Survivor. Now it is time to read the votes. They are: Lisa, Denise, Mike, Denise, Denise and Denise, so she is the winner of Survivor Philippines 2012! She is definitely the most deserving. What do you think???

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