Get ready for an emotional night on Survivor Philippines 2012, as the castaways are surprised with visits from their families and loved ones tonight on Survivor Season 25. With only six players left on Survivor 2012 Philippines, each move is crucial in order to make it to the final three. Immunity Challenges are important and the alliances you formed are important, so you won’t want to miss a thing during my Survivor Philippines 2012 live recap. Come watch with me to see who was eliminated on Survivor 25.


In a crazy moment, Abi defied all odds against her and won the Immunity Challenge and could not be voted off the island. That put a damper into the plans of the Final Four Alliance (Mike, Malcolm, Denise and Lisa Whelchel). They moved on and decided to vote Penner out of Survivor Philippines 2012. He was shocked by the move, even though it would have come tonight anyways. Now that leaves Carter and Abi fighting against the other four.

Carter has been a hidden threat, I feel. He has done really well in the last two challenges. He won one of them and was barely beaten out by Abi in the last one. I think he could be a big threat as the game continues on, but the Final Four seem to not even be considering him on Survivor 2012 Philippines. Tonight the families visit and Malcolm’s brother looks like he could be getting Malcolm in some trouble with the other castaways. You won’t want to miss it, so come back for my Survivor Philippines 2012 live recap right here!

The castaways come back from last week’s Tribal Council and Abi, the smart girl that she is, comes to the conclusion that Denise, Lisa, Malcolm and Mike have an alliance and her and Carter are screwed. Abi is going to go with the lie that she won a Hidden Immunity Idol, which she does not have. Lisa is now questioning Malcolm and the game he is playing, like Penner said last week. Does anyone else think that Lisa says a little too much every week?

Things kick off right away with the Reward Challenge this week and they will be paired up with a loved one. Mike’s son comes running out. Carter’s mom is next then Denise’s husband then Lisa’s brother (I know she is getting a divorce now, but it must have been rough before she left for the show) then Abi’s mom and then Malcolm’s brother. I am completely in tears now….ugh.

Today’s challenge is to toss a muddy bag to their partner and then knock down five bamboo targets. The first one to knock down all five will win and get to take their loved one back to camp with them for the night! Carter, Malcolm and Denise all jump out to an early lead. Abi’s mom is running away from the bags. Lisa and Carter both have two left and then Malcolm joins them. Carter and Malcolm are both down to one. Malcolm and his brother win and he gets to spend the night with his brother! He gets to pick one other Survivor to keep their loved one and he says Lisa can keep her brother. Then he gets one more and he picks Mike and his son, which shocks me he didn’t pick Denise. Anyone else shocked? The others say goodbye to their loved ones and then they all head back to camp. He is keeping Lisa and Mike close with that vote, he says.

Malcolm’s brother is a jokester and always trying to be the center of attention, so Malcolm is wanting him to keep it quiet while he is there and not ruin his chances at $1 million on Survivor 25. Mike’s son starts chopping and of course gets all bloody. He is his father’s son. Lisa and her brother go out and talk and she has a plan to make it to the Final Four, but then needs to get rid of Malcolm because he can and will win it all.

Then Mike and Lisa meet with their loved ones and said it is a tight alliance of four, but if they blindside Malcolm tonight then he loses his idol and they get rid of a strong person and Carter would join them. This shit is about to get real tonight and Lisa’s brother is planting that in Lisa’s head big time. This is some real shit on Survivor Philippines 2012.

It is now Day 32 on Survivor 2012 Philippines and now Malcolm is worried about the loved ones being there and maybe getting Lisa back on a level playing field. Lisa is now all about God and I am over this talk. The loved ones all say good bye and it is time for the Immunity Challenge on Survivor Season 25.

Today, the six castaways will be racing across a bamboo beam to a platform. They will find a hook attached to a rope and hook three bags. They will then race to the finish and use the sticks and rope in the bags to make a pole. Once the pole is long enough, they will use it to hit a target and drop their flag. The first person done will win immunity, which I think Malcolm will get tonight to mess with their plan.

Everyone gets to the platform quickly, except for Denise. They all start getting the bags and Carter is the first one done with the bags and starts heading out. Mike and Lisa follow close behind. Then Malcolm and Denise get their third bag and head out and Abi is going very slowly. The five castaways start working on their poles as Abi still slowly brings her bags to the finish line. Lisa gives it a shot, but the pole is not strong enough. Mike and Carter both try, but they fail as well. Malcolm and Carter go back and forth and then Malcolm hits the target and he wins immunity! Lisa and MIke’s plans is shot into smithereens!

Malcolm comes back and he knows he can make the Final Four on Survivor 25 now for sure. He has immunity this time and the next Tribal Council is the last time he can play the Hidden Immunity Idol and then be in the Final Four. Mike and Lisa talk about what God’s plan is now that Malcolm is safe. Mike and Malcolm talk and think about Carter going home because he is a bigger threat, so is it keep peace at camp and get rid of Abi or go with the bigger threat and get rid of Carter?

Then Abi starts another argument and gets everyone riled. She says she is not safe and guesses that she will have to play her Hidden Immunity Idol next time, which she doesn’t have. Everyone is over her right now, but will they actually vote for her on Survivor Philippines 2012? Carter is hoping it goes that way and then get immunity next time, which he has come close to the past few weeks.

They head to Tribal Council and Malcolm says if Abi goes home tonight it is because she is a bitch! Carter starts fighting for himself and says they should vote someone off that doesn’t deserve to be there, like Abi and not him. Abi claims she has the idol again and tries to spread that lie and Malcolm says she would be leveraging it more if she had it. I think she is talking about it way too much if she really had it, so it shows them that.

It is time to vote on Survivor Philippines 2012. Jeff Probst goes back to tally the votes. he asks if anyone has the Hidden Immunity Idol and no one plays it. The votes are: Carter, Abi, Carter, Carter and the next person voted out of Survivor 25 is Carter! Smart or stupid move tonight?

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