With the merge taking place last week on Survivor Caramoan 2013, the Fans found themselves outnumbered by the Favorites and have been desperately trying to work their magic to join an alliance on Survivor 2013 and stay in the game longer. You never know how things will go when you get to Tribal Council on Survivor Season 26 spoilers and Corinne can vow for that one! Find out who was voted off Survivor Caramoan 2013 tonight during our Survivor Caramoan 2013 Recap!

Survivor Caramoan 2013 - Episode 9

Corinne was feeling pretty confident last week on Survivor 2013 Caramoan after the merge and was on a mission to get Phillip Sheppard out of the game. She thought she had a surefire plan that would get rid of him on tonight’s episode, but instead her fellow “alliance members” were not on board with her and the Favorites felt shaky with her and voted Corinne off the island!

I was shocked by this elimination, but at the same time Corinne was running her mouth to too many people and that will hurt anyone, in real life or on Survivor 26. You live and you learn and tonight’s episode might be another learning experience, for either Eddie or Andrea, who seem t have a showmance going on, but it is so fake and both of them are playing each other to advance in the game. Who will get screwed over by it though? Find out in our recap starting soon!

Here we go…we are at 23 days now on Survivor 2013 and Phillip feels solid with his numbers. Reynold is feeling confident about things, even though Corinne got voted off. He feels good with things since he has aligned with Malcolm, so he decides to play a game and starts talking with Andrea. Malcolm is worried, since Corinne got voted off but he thinks he has the Fans in his pocket, but does he?

Phillip now tells Sherri she is hot, which is awkward, and then gives her a nickname and then says Michael is gone next. She thinks everyone is crazy out there. Sherri said that Phillip is her Shamar on this tribe, but is he?

Reward Challenge Time: they will divide into teams of five and have one defender for each team. The other team will try to score a goal in the net and the first team to four wins the reward, which is going to a beautiful waterfall and a picnic lunch. The teams are Purple, which is Erik, Reynold, Eddie and Cochran shooting and Michael defending and the Orange, which has Phillip, Dawn, Andrea and Brenda shooting and Malcolm defending. No one picked Sherri, so she sits out and gets no reward!

Brenda scores first for the Orange. Then Erik scores for the Purple. Andrea scores and 2-1 Orange lead. Cochran scores and ties it up. Phillip scores and Orange ahead 3-2. Eddie scores and tied again. Brenda bounces it off the edge and still tied! Erik scores the winning goal for Purple and they get the picnic lunch and the specialist loses! So, Michael, Eddie, Reynold, Erik and Cochran win it on Survivor Caramoan 2013.

The guys get to the waterfall and they must repel down the waterfall in order to get to their picnic, but they know food is at the bottom and work it out. Eddie, Reynold and Michael try to convince Cochran over the fact that it needs to be an all-male finale and keep the testosterone going and get rid of the women, but Cochran is having none of it.

Meanwhile back at camp, Malcolm is trying to work it with the losers. He tries to get Sherri to join a five-person alliance and knows he is on the bottom. Malcolm then goes to Dawn and she says she wants to talk to Sherri first, but they all talk and now it is Malcolm on the chopping block. Why do these people talk??? And why are we talking strategy with no Immunity Challenge yet?

Now time for the love fest between Andrea and Eddie on Survivor Caramoan 2013 and they are just weird, right?

Immunity Challenge Time: they will each take a spot in the water under a steel, grated barrier and as the tide rises there space to breath is lowered and the tension and stress gets to the them. The last person in the water and under their grate wins immunity.

The water is starting to rise after 30 minutes and then it is real high after 60 minutes, but everyone is still in it. Phillip is the first one out, but is that a real shocker? Sherri is the next one out and then Erik follows. Dawn is over it and she is out. Malcolm is out and that could hurt him. Michael is out next and five remain. Eddie, Cochran and Reynold all give up at the same time, so it is down to the ladies: Brenda and Andrea and they have remained calmed all challenge. Andrea starts struggling and goes back and forth between underwater and above, but then gives up and Brenda wins immunity!

The castaways come back and Brenda is happy to be the winner and safe tonight, but now it is time for Malcolm to make his move. Malcolm talks with Andrea and Dawn and they are both lying to each other, but everyone is against Malcolm right now. He then tells Dawn to vote Andrea because she is running the show and it must be now. Dawn said to show her the Hidden Immunity Idol and she is in, but she is playing Malcolm too.

Malcolm then goes to tell Reynold and they are all happy, but it looks like they are all being played. Reynold shows Dawn the idol and he said shame on you if you don’t follow through, but Dawn said don’t intimidate her! Eddie is feeling bad about voting Andrea, so he goes and talks to her and tries to see who she is voting for and she won’t tell him but tells him she is safe. Then Eddie tells her she is targeted and now she is all worried.

Andrea goes crazy and wants everything changed and wants to vote for Michael and Dawn is pissed because her whole day of working it has been ruined, but then Dawn said Malcolm does not have an idol and they need to go for Malcolm. This is intense, so who knows what is about to happen. What do you think?

Tribal Council Time: Phillip goes off about the corporation and said Sherri is part of it now. Michael said that he is there for anyone that wants to start playing and the corporation is already crumbling because they voted off Corinne last week (so true). This is so intense and I have no clue how it is going. They are talking a lot about playing the idol, but it is voting time first.

Jeff Probst goes and tallies the votes and Reynold goes to play his idol and Malcolm stops him and said the whole speech was to get rid of Malcolm and he needs the idol, so Reynold gives it to Malcolm and all votes for Malcolm don’t count! Malcolm just worked that out because it looks like he doesn’t still have the idol and he voted for Reynold! The votes: Andrea, Andrea, Andrea, Reynold, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael and Michael. So, all that talk about going safe and they did it, so Michael is voted off Survivor 2013 and Reynold lost his idol and knows he didn’t vote for Andrea. This should get real interesting next week!

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