Last week on Survivor Caramoan 2013 it was all about the Fans Tribe taking on Shamar and his actions at camp and now it looks like tonight on Survivor 2013 Caramoan it will be the showdown between Phillip Sheppard and Brandon Hantz that seems to have been brewing all season long, right? Things have been boiling and boiling between them and I think it finally comes to a point where Brandon snaps on Phillip and the whole Favorites Tribe on Survivor Season 26, but who is voted off Survivor 2013 Caramoan? Find out during our Survivor Caramoan 2013 Recap tonight!

Survivor Caramoan 2013 - Episode 5

The previews are showing some crazy antics by Brandon, but is it a lot of editing or does Brandon really go that crazy tonight on Survivor 2013? We will find out shortly, but when you are seen dumping out the rice that is supposed to feed your tribe then something has gone wrong!

We will have all the details for you tonight during our Survivor Caramoan 2013 Recap, so come watch with us and see who gets voted off Survivor 26!

Here we go…the Fans come back and are glad they voted the way they did and Reynold feels good he got rid of the Hidden Immunity Idol and he feels they are stronger now, but still doesn’t trust any of them.

Over at the Favorites Tribe, Brandon is having some emotional issues and missing his family because he left to play a game. I guess we will be focusing on him for a while and he said he wants to volunteer at the next Tribal Council to be the one they vote off because he wants to go home and then tells them he was going to set the camp on fire and pee in the rice! He is losing it folks.

But then he wakes up the next morning and decides that he is doing this for his wife and kids and he is going to be the toughest one on the island and win this! Multi-personalities, much?

Reward Challenge: two members of each tribe will hold onto a rope with a net on it. The other tribe members will throw coconuts into the nets and the person who can hold onto the rope the longest will win the reward, which is a barbecue to take back to the tribe. The Favorites sit Eric, Andrea and Dawn.

Matt and Michael hold the rope for the Fans and Brandon and Phillip hold for the Favorites. Phillip is chanting some weird crap and he is nuts. Sherri is making no coconuts, so she shouldn’t even be there! The Fans go after Brandon and he is out first. Matt is out next, so down to Phillip and Michael. It is close, but Phillip holds on longer and wins it for the Favorite Tribe! I guess he is an asset on Survivor Caramoan 2013?

The Fans come back and are sad they lost again and they have to try something new and Sherri is pissed that they got rid of Laura because they needed the muscle and then they lost again….yeah because she couldn’t make a basket! Meanwhile, everyone on the tribe is looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol since Reynold used it the night before. Shockingly, Reynold finds it again! He tells Eddie and they form an alliance to the end.

On the Favorites Tribe on Survivor Caramoan 2013, Brandon is still a hot mess and Phillip takes credit for winning the last challenge, which sets Brandon off and he has had enough. Brandon goes off on him and his tribe thinks he is a loose cannon and a threat to the tribe. The two talk and it is nonsense because they apologize, but neither of them mean it and I think they both know it!

Didn’t Jeff say there wouldn’t be as much rain on Survivor Caramoan? They are now into 48 hours straight of rain and the Fans are not happy about it! On the Favorites, Brandon is still crazy and Phillip wants to throw the challenge in order to vote off Brandon. They then talk again and Phillip said he can not trust him and Brandon then goes nuts and goes to camp and throws the rise out and makes a huge scene. Yup, he will be voted out at the Immunity Challenge!

The Fans and Favorites head to the Immunity Challenge, but will it actually happen tonight on Survivor 2013 Caramoan? Brandon asks to talk to the Fans Tribe and he says that they need to seize this moment and he is giving them an opportunity and then it just gets ugly from there. Corrine steps in and says they are forfeiting the Immunity Challenge and taking care of their issues. Jeff than calls Brandon to him and Brandon gets angry and goes off on Phillip and he didn’t take hime out of this game and he took himself out.

To sum it up, Brandon is nuts and he is calling his own fate. They bicker back and forth, but it ends in the Favorites forfeiting the Immunity Challenge and the Fans are granted immunity. The Fans vote right there and everyone votes for Brandon, but Brandon votes for Phillip and the sixth person voted off Survivor Caramoan 2013 is Brandon Hantz!

Jeff said he will come talk to him in a minute, but will Brandon really be gone?

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