Survivor Caramoan 2013 returns tonight with another episode of Fans vs. Favorites and maybe we can just call it favorites versus favorites because they seem to be battling each other more than the Survivor fans on Survivor 2013 Caramoan. Brandon Hantz, the nephew of Survivor villain Russell Hantz, is looking to reak some havoc on the Favorites tonight on Survivor Caramoan 2013, but will it be enough for them to send him home? Find out who was eliminated on Survivor Season 26 tonight during my Survivor Caramoan 2013 Recap!


Last week on Survivor 2013 Caramoanwe got to see the 20 new castaways make their way to the island and find out it would be a Fans vs. Favorites season again. The castaways were put to the test right away, as we had a battle of the rings to win flint to help start a fire. The Favorites proved their strengths and won the Reward Challenge. That strength would change during the Immunity Challenge and the Fans won the first Immunity Challenge on Survivor Caramoan 2013. For the first time in Survivor history, Francesca Hogi was the first person voted off two seasons! How could she not make it any further on both of her seasons?

Tonight, it is the Honey Badger episode and it seems to be focused on the fact that Brandon Hantz might be sent home (Survivor Caramoan 2013 spoilers there)? He wants to go out with a big bang, like his uncle always did. Will this strategy work for Brandon? Find out tonight during my Survivor Caramoan 2013 Recap and see who was voted off Survivor 26.

Here we go folks…the Favorites come back and Brandon and Dawn get into it because they voted Francesca out again the first time and Brandon is upset about it. Dawn tries to defend the decision and they get into it. She walks away and cries…get it together girl!

Meanwhile Brandon is fed up and he is ready to go Russell Hantz-style on the tribe. He is nuts!

Shamar for the Fans tribe is trying to play the game of being lazy and not a threat, but his tribe is catching on and wants him gone! Sherri than approaches Shamar to align with Laura, Matt, Julia and Michael to go up against the happy couples. She thinks he is her Phillip, but she likes her Phillip!

Brandon now wants to be nice and not known as mean and then wants to align with Phillip, but Phillip think she is crazy. Phillip thinks someone is crazy? Now Brandon goes around to everyone and wants to get rid of Phillip. Does anyone have any sense on this island?

It is time for the Immunity Challenge: three people run out and get on raft, three other people will pull them out to a platform where they will dive down and find a cage to remove bamboo sticks that will release rings. Once they collect all nine rings, they will be pulled back and the remaining three people will do ring toss on three wooden poles. The first tribe to get a ring on each pole wins immunity.

It is also a Reward Challenge, which the winning team will get a fishing kit to help them catch some fish. For the Fans, they sit Laura. The tribes start out and they get to the platform about the same time. Sherri is in water for the Fans and she can’t get anything done. The Fans are rotating and everyone is coming up with a ring. The Favorites have six rings and Fans with only one! The Favorites get all nine rings and head back and the Fans get their fourth ring! The Fans catch up and it is a two to one lead for the Favorites, but then Phillip gets the last ring and the Favorites win it! Will Sherri go home because she sucked it up in the water?

Nicknames from Phillip for his organization: he is nuts and the tribe agrees. How does he make it so far in this game?

The Fans come back and Reynold gets into it with Shamar. He wants Shamar gone and made a scene, but Shamar has none of it and goes off on him. Will Shamar survive this week on Survivor Caramoan 2013?

Matt then meets with Reynold and Eddie and told them he would vote Shamar out, but then it is up to Matt to decided to go with Eddie and his alliance or with Sherri and her alliance. He said he has a strong alliance with Michael and they need to decide where to go.

Reynold is out looking for the hidden Immunity Idol and he finds it and he is thinking he is good to go. On the way to Tribal Council, Laura sees the bulge in Reynold’s pants (not that one folks) and thinks he has the idol and now she is worried.

Tribal Council time: the foursome alliance with Eddie, Reynold, Hope and Allie is called into question, Shamar is thrown under the bus and then Laura questions that someone has a hidden Immunity Idol and Reynold comes out and says he has it and now he will play it.

Voting time on Survivor Season 26 and who knows what will happen. Jeff Probst goes and tallies the votes and then Reynold decides to not play the hidden Immunity Idol. The votes are: Shamar, Shamar, Shamar, Shamar, Allie, Allie, Allie, Allie, Allie and Allie. The person who was eliminated on Survivor Caramoan 2013 is Allie and Reynold’s girl is gone! Should he have played that idol then?

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