Survivor 33 eliminated Rachel Ako tonight,September 21st. Tonight’s premiere episode, kicked off the usual, beginning of the season cast introductions. Then, host Jeff Probst, came out to greet them and to tell them that this season would pit Millennials against Gen X. Next, they were given 2 minutes to grab some important gear.

The Gen X folks grabbed some fishing gear, and Jessica found the first envelope of the season. She quickly put it in her pocket and continued grabbing supplies. Taylor and Jay formed a bit of a connection at one point.

We saw Jessica finally get around to opening up that envelope that she found earlier, and it revealed that it was a Legacy Advantage, which would give her an advantage if she could manage to stick around until freaking Day 36. If she gets voted out before then, she’ll have to give it to someone else.

Taylor, Jay and Figgy talked about forming an alliance at one point. They also mentioned bringing Michelle into their little click too. Later on, all four of them agreed to this crazy early alliance.

The Millennials failed to complete their shelter before the huge storm arrived, so the rain totally beat up on them. However, Gen X also caught a rain beating by not completing their shelter in time. Jeff had to eventually give them a tarp to have some sort of protection.

Next, we were shown footage of Jeff telling the tribes that a freaking cyclone was on the way, so they would have to evacuate the island at that point. So, they hopped on a boat and got the hell out of dodge.

After the whole storm drama ended, David was spotted trying to search for an immunity idol, thinking he was in trouble. However, it looks like the fact that he was even searching for one, is what put him in the most danger as other people saw him, and got ticked off about it.

Next, we saw Hannah start to campaign to get: Figgy, Jay, Taylor and Michelle out, claiming they’ve formed a “cool kids” click. After that, they showed Immunity challenge footage. It was another one of those obstacles and puzzle challenges, and the Millennials pulled out the victory for immunity, leaving the older Gen X crew to have to decide which one they needed to boot out at tribal council.

More conversation footage, revealed that Rachel and David were the names being tossed around as targets. Scary David managed to plead for enough sympathy after people saw him searching for an immunity idol.

Next, they finally showed tribal council footage. Everyone talked game for a bit before casting their votes. Rachel got 5 votes. David got 1 vote. CeCe got 3 votes and Sunday got 1 vote. So, with a whopping 5 votes, poor Rachel was the first one to get the shaft this season. Stay tuned.

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