Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 Spoilers - Week 5 Recap

Reward Challenge

For this challenge on Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019, they will leap over a series of tables and then drop sandbags. They will transport the sandbags and then use them to hit targets to release two flags. First tribe done wins pastries and coffee for camp. The second place tribe gets some iced coffee and cookies. The last place tribe gets nothing!


The Kama Tribe winning streak stays alive, as they win this one and all those treats. The Mana Tribe was right behind them, as it was a battle between Joe and Gavin. Joe won out, but Gavin got second for the Mana Tribe. That meant the Lesu Tribe goes back to camp empty handed again!


Joe knows he keeps winning and knows he has a target on his back. He knows Aubry going home is a huge loss for him. He is thinking the merge and is trying to unite the five in his tribe, as they would all be the target. Meanwhile, the Lesu Tribe is hating camp and life and no food. Lauren is out of it, as she can’t eat rice. Now Wardog, again, starts working on getting Lauren out and approaches David and Kelley about it. However, Kelley and David talk after that and think Wardog is being a dictator.

Edge of Extinction

The castaways got a basket this time and more maps for each of them! They all head out, even though Aubry and confused on all this folding madness. Reem saw it first and said “what’s that,” as Keith goes to get it. It was an advantage, as there were rope knots inside and it said when the time comes, give these to your biggest threat. Chris gives Reem grief for giving the advantage to Keith, which sets her off. She is losing her mind, folks!

Immunity Challenge

For this challenge, the tribes will climb a ladder and then move a bag through a bamboo frame. From there, they’ll manuever a ball to release a cage and then make their to solve a puzzle. Jeff throws a twist at them, as the winning tribe wins immunity and the other two tribes will both be going to Tribal Council tonight!


This one is close at the end, but it’s Joe and Julia putting that puzzle together and winning it for the Kama Tribe, yet again! That means both the Lesu and Manu Tribes will be heading to Tribal Council and they will vote one person out!

Drawing Rocks?

There are four members on each tribe, so there is a lot of talk about going to rocks. The Manu Tribe thinks that David will flip, so they want to target Wardog or Lauren. For the Lesu Tribe, they talk about going for a big dog, but Wardog takes over and said it should be Wendy. They said they’ll go to rocks and need to stay four strong. Kelley found a Hidden Immunity Idol in the mix of it all. They all don’t seem to want to go to rocks on Survivor Season 38!

Tribal Council

Both tribes come and talk about them sticking together as four strong and being united in this vote. Kelley said they would accept any of them to vote with her. David said he’d go to rocks again, but Victoria said she doesn’t believe it. Lots of whispering tonight and David even pulls Wendy to the side to chat. It’s intense and everyone is worried, but lets get to that vote!


Jeff tallies the votes and no idols are played, so here we go: Wendy, Lauren, Wendy, Lauren, Wendy, Lauren, Wendy and Lauren! That means a tie! We will revote and Lauren and Wendy will not vote and they can only vote for Lauren or Wendy, so this causes a ton of commotion and talking, but the voting happens again! The second vote takes place and it is Wendy voted out tonight!

Edge of Extinction Twist

No thoughts needed here either, as Wendy grabbed that torch and is headed to the Edge of Extinction with the others!

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