Two hours of Survivor 2019 tonight and it looks like we may finally get some more details on how Edge of Extinction works! Yes, the Survivor Season 38 preview for tonight showed a secret box that might give us some clues, especially since there are now four castaways on that island and someone needs to go soon! Find out who it is in our Survivor 2019 Live Recap and see who went home on Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 tonight!

Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 Spoilers - Week 5 Recap

Last week on Survivor Season 38Jeff Probst told the castaways to drop their buffs! We had the first tribe swap of the season and it didn’t do too much! We formed three new tribes, but the new Kama Tribe was all Kama members originally. The new Lesu Tribe was all original Manu Tribe members and the new Manu Tribe was all original Kama Tribe members plus Wendy, who was glad to get new tribe members! The Lesu Tribe lost the Immunity Challenge, which is no surprise for the former Manu Tribe members! This was tough for them, as they all really liked each other and all voted together previously, but now they had to turn on each other. They voted our Rick, who did choose to head off to Edge of Extinction at the end of the show.

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Here we go…

Reward Challenge

For this challenge, the tribes will race through a series of obstacles collecting a series of bolos along the way. Once done, they will use those bolos to connect them on a ladder (think a big version of ladder ball in your backyard). Each players must land one of the bolos to finish. The first team done wins a plate of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches along with a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly for camp! The second place tribes gets a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Last place team gets nothing!


The Kama Tribe dominates, yet again, and wins this challenge. The Manu Tribe gets second place and gets some sandwiches for camp. The Lesu Tribe continues their losing ways, as they were out of it again on Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019!


The Kama Tribe may de dominating, so that means they haven’t had the drama of voting each other out. Joe has avoided that, as the other castaways talk about voting him out while Joe is out fishing. However, Ron thinks Joe does so much for the tribe and they wouldn’t survive without him. More returning players talk over on Manu Tribe, as Eric said they should be targets, like Aubry. Victoria wants to pitch an all-girl alliance to keep Aubry thinking she’s safe, but she’s got to go ahead of Wendy. Aubry seems to fall for Victoria’s bait.

On the Lesu Tribe, they are feeling defeated. David knows he needs that Hidden Immunity Idol and goes searching for it. Meanwhile, the others say David is no use to the tribe. Wardog pitches to Kelley about them working together and they vote Lauren out now, as she hurts them.

Edge Of Extinction

Chris found a random box on the island and it has a note for each of the four castaways there. It is actually a map with some stars and arrows, which folded up points to a tree. They discuss it and decide to have some rice first and then will go together. However, Keith grabs the rice and heads out on his own! The others finally figure it out and end up catching up with him. Keith just made himself look even worse, as the other castaways are pissed.

As it turns out, Chris pushes Keith out of the way at the tree and gets the first clue, which is three bamboo sticks and a strip of fabric that says Practice, so maybe something they’ll have to compete in to win a spot back in the game. The other advantage goes to Rick, as he found an envelope and can give one extra vote to any player still in the game!

Immunity Challenge

For this challenge on Survivor 2019, the castaways will swim out to a ramp and then race up it and jump off to gather puzzle pieces underwater. They gather the two pieces and then come back to put the puzzle together, which is four pieces total. First two tribes to complete the puzzle will win immunity!


It was Kama and Manu way out in the lead, as the Lesu Tribe had no puzzle pieces and seemed out of hope with the other tribes working on their puzzles. However, the Lesu Tribe got the puzzle pieces and got to working on it. The Kama Tribe won and then out of no where, the Lesu Tribe got second place and that means the Manu Tribe was headed to Tribal Council, a first without the Lesu Tribe members!

Manu Makes Plans

Back at camp, it’s time to make plans for Tribal. The original Kama Tribe members come together and say Wendy needs to go. Then Aubry talks with Victoria again and they discuss working with Wendy and take out Eric. They discuss with Wendy and she can’t even agree with them, so Aubry seems to be over it. While the others discuss possibly going after Aubry, she headed out to make sure her idol was in her bag and that is when she found the extra vote from Rick, so he sent it to her. Why?

Tribal Council

Gavin said the mood was relaxed at camp, so he is curious to see what happens. Aubry said there was talking and you have to be a talk ahead otherwise you’ll be voted off. Gavin said Aubry’s experience has been helpful. Wendy said Aubry has no bad qualities, as she is such a nice person. Wendy is crazy! Time for the vote!


Jeff tallies the votes and no idol played, so here we go: Aubry, Wendy, Aubry and Aubry! She is shocked by that one, especially since she has an idol in that bag!

Edge of Extinction Twist

Aubry headed down the path and got to the twist and it took her no time at all, as she said it’s a no-brainer! She grabs that torch and she is off to the Edge of Extinction on Survivor Season 38!

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