CBS left us wondering what Keith’s decision was concerning Edge of Extinction on Survivor 2019 last week and now we get those answers tonight on Survivor Season 38! Besides that, it looks like one of the castaways on Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 is doing some betraying and that will be exposed! Find out who it is in our Survivor 2019 Live Recap and see who went home on Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 tonight!

Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019 Spoilers - Week 3 Recap

Last week on Survivor 2019, we checked out Edge of Extinction and it looks like Reem is there as long as she wants to be, but no details on a timeline for her, which freaked her out. She barely has anything, but can raise the flag if she wants a boat to come get her. Back at the camps, we saw Lauren find herself a Hidden Immunity Idol, which she buried in the sand. I am unsure about that idea! At the Immunity Challenge, the Kama Tribe dominated again and won the challenge and immunity, which meant the Manu Tribe was heading back to Tribal Council. They went back-and-forth between Wentworth and Keith, as it was a possible blindside of a returning player or get rid of a weak player. They went with strength and voted off Keith, which we find out his Edge of Extinction decision tonight!

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Edge of Extinction

Keith grabbed that torch, as he arrives at Edge of Extinction and he joins Reem! She tells him it’s rough out there, but it’s gotta be better with two people there. She said she was ready to quit, but now she is in her motherly role. The next morning, they each get a bottle with a map in it, so they go out exploring. They find the steps and at the top, they find a little bit of rice. That rice is enough for one day, so they’ll have to make that climb every day!

Reward Challenge

For this challenge on Survivor 2019, they will put a wheelbarrow together and then race it through a series of obstacles while gathering sandbags. At the end, they dump the sandbags into a trough and the dissemble the wheelbarrow and use it to build a slingshot. From there, they’ll use the sandbags and slingshot to knock down four targets. First tribe done will win reward, which they have a choice between comfort (blankets, pillows and so on) or chickens!


The Kama Tribe was out to the lead, yet again. However, the Manu Tribe got the slingshot together first and then Chris owned it on those sandbags and won it for the Manu Tribe and they decided to take the chickens for the reward! This was their first win of the season. However, it looks like Wendy hurt her ankle during the challenge and she is now in pain and it’s black and blue.


Wendy is in pain and then the chickens arrive and they talk about killing them, which apparently upsets Wendy. She wants Rick to be an accomplice for her, as she threatens to set the chickens free. Yeah, that would ruin her game on Survivor Edge of Extinction 2019!

Over at the Kama Tribe, they are upset about losing, but at least not immunity. Victoria starts talking with Ron about Joe and Aubry being targets, as well as Aurora because everyone else but her are on board with getting the returning players out. However, Joe is right there and Victoria has no clue, so now Joe and Aubry know they are targets. This prompts Aubry to go searching for a Hidden Immunity Idol and she wasn’t able to do it her first two seasons, but she did it in Season 38 and now has an idol in her pocket!

Back at the Manu Tribe, Wendy continues her fight to keep the chickens alive. This is coming from a woman that eats meat and chicken at home, but now she doesn’t want to see them get killed. This is upsetting her tribe mates and Wentworth is boasting about how Wendy needs to go home.

Immunity Challenge

For this challenge, three tribe members will be in a boat and four other tribe members are tethered to a boat and they’ll make their way to a tower. They’ll jump off the tower and grab keys in the air. Once they have all the keys, they’ll use it to unlock pieces to put a ship’s wheel together. Once together, they will place the wheel and turn it to raise a flag. First tribe to raise that flag will win immunity tonight! Wendy, with her bum ankle and all, is out there participating in this challenge.


This one was close most of the way, but then Kelley, David and Lauren totally messed up the puzzle and lost it for the Manu Tribe. That means the Kama Tribe wins immunity for third straight week, as the Manu Tribe is headed back to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council Plans

The Manu Tribe is back and they decide to kill the chicken and Wendy snuck in and grabbed the flint. Without the flint, they can’t start a fire and she goes down the beach to get away. The tribe is upset and knows she took it, so they send Rick and David to talk to her. She denies taking it, but it’s a time for David to talk to them about blindsiding Kelley tonight.

They agree to it, but then Chris gets on-board with it and then approaches Wardog, which they told him not to mention it to. Wardog doesn’t like Chris wanting to go after Kelley, so now Wardog wants Chris gone! It seems like Wendy is not on the table anymore, as it comes down to Chris or Kelley!

Tribal Council

We start with talk of them being perceived as losers to America. Then it shifts to Wendy being a vegetarian all of a sudden and not wanting to kill the chickens. Wendy said she feels the tribe is a pyramid and she finds out the information at the end. Jeff Probst said they are very layered, despite their losses. And now it is time for that vote!


Jeff tallies the votes and no idol is played, so here are the votes: Kelley, Chris, Kelley, Chris, Chris and Chris! They didn’t like him trying to go against Kelley, so he had to go! He gets to the Edge of Extinction twist and no doubt about it, he grabs that torch and is heading to the Edge of Extinction!

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