We get to see some family time on Survivor 2016 tonight, so that means time to bring out the Kleenex! We get the loved ones visits tonight on Survivor Season 33 and it could bring some major drama, as Adam might be using that advantage to steal away a reward from someone! This could only bring on a huge fight and put a huge target on his back, which is already there! Check out a Week 11 sneak peek for tonight below in our Survivor 2016 spoilers!

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Survivor Millennials vs Gen X 2016 Spoilers - Week 11 Sneak Peek

Last week on Survivor Season 33, we had two hours of action and it brought us a lot of drama, that is for sure! In the first hour, it seemed to be Chris versus Jessica and Jessica prevailed, as they blindsided Chris and he was voted off. Then in the second hour, it seemed to be Zeke versus David, but once Zeke found out that Hannah was going to side with David, he put the mark on her! So, after two votes and a discussion, it ended in a 5-5 tie! That meant Hannah and Zeke were safe and the other eight would draw rocks. Black rock is eliminated and that rock went to Jessica, so she joined the jury also!

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The big story of the night will be those loved ones surprising the castaways and everyone crying because of it! The challenge will happen and things could get ugly if Adam uses his advantage to steal the reward from someone. I am anxious and nervous to see that happen! For now, here are some sneak peek photos!

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And here is the promo video from CBS highlighting the impending drama:

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Photos via CBS

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