Things are moving along pretty quickly on Survivor 2016 Season 33, as we are now in Week 8 on Survivor Millennials vs Gen X 2016 and it is time to bring on the merge! Yes, the merge is happening tonight on Survivor 2016 and time for these castaways to fight it out as individuals in the Immunity Challenge and our first Tribal Council with everyone in attendance! Watch with us tonight during our Survivor 2016 Season 33 Recap and see who got voted off Survivor 2016 Season 33 tonight!


Last week on Survivor 2016 Season 33, we saw Dave and Zeke form a new alliance, as Dave shared his Hidden Immunity Idol with Zeke. Then we saw the Green Tribe lose for the first time since the tribe swap took place. They headed to Tribal Council and it looked like it was a matter of Sunday or Bret going home, since the Millennials outnumbered them. However, Michaela is a comp beast and was strategizing on the right move to make this week and how it would all affect the long-term game. She was too smart for her fellow tribe members, as Jay decided they needed her gone before the merge and they blindsided Michaela!

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MERGE – The Green and Purple Tribe get notes from a boat to pack their things and the merge is happening! They head over to the Orange Tribe camp and now it is time to see where alliances stand after the tribe swap! Zeke is not liking all the attention Jay is getting from all sides of the camp and thinks he is one to worry about.

CAMP – Adam finds a new advantage and it allows him to steal a reward from someone after they win it. Taylor steals food in the middle of the night and hides it in a mason jar. Adam confronts him and he thinks he can use it to his advantage. He tells Taylor about the advantage, just to secure his trust but Taylor has no desire to work with him. He also mentions wanting Will gone since he is Jay’s second hand man. Talk from Ken, Bret, Chris and Jessica turns into Taylor stealing the food and the Millennials are very close, so they need to break it up and Taylor has to go on Survivor Season 33! Jay and Taylor talk and want to stay Millennials strong. However, Taylor tells Jay that Adam is gunning for him and now they want Adam gone, which Zeke overheard!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – For this challenge, they will balance on a narrow perch and their hands will be tethered to a bucket above them. When their hands fall, their buckets drop and they are out. Last one standing wins immunity for tonight on Survivor 2016 Season 33! This one comes down to Jessica and Will and they both last over 1 hour and 30 minutes, but their hands got shaky and it was Jessica’s bucket falling first and Will won immunity!

CAMP – We see Adam being paranoid and Millennials want him gone and the other side wants to work with him, but he doesn’t trust him. He has a Hidden Immunity Idol, so he may use it.

TRIBAL COUNCIL VOTES – Jeff tallies the votes and no idol is played, so here are the votes for tonight: Adam, Michelle, Adam, Michelle, Adam, Michelle, Adam, Michelle, Michelle, Michelle and Michelle!!! Jay and Will are shocked, but Michelle is gone and she is the first one to join the jury!

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