It is time for a big night on CBS, as we have the Survivor 2015 premiere followed by The Amazing Race 2015 premiere, so it is a full night of reality TV! We have the new castaways on Survivor Season 30 and it is our chance to get to know them and a chance for them to get acquainted with each other. Check out a sneak peek look at the Survivor Worlds Apart 2015 premiere tonight below in our Survivor 2015 spoilers!

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Survivor 2015 Spoilers - Season 30 Cast Premiere

For this new season, we are going to have three tribes: Escameca (Blue Collar), Masaya (White Collar) and Nargarote (No Collar). As Jeff stated at the Survivor Season 29 finale, we would have three tribes battling it out this season and it will be a battle of the collars: Blue Collar versus White Collar versus No Collar. If we remember, we did have Brains versus Beauty versus Brawns a few seasons back and I enjoyed that season, so maybe we have a good concept here???

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We have a 90-minute premiere tonight, which will give us a chance to see the new castaways make their way to the island. They will be getting to know their new surroundings and I am sure someone will be causing some drama, even in the first week of the show! We have three tribes on Survivor Worlds Apart 2015, so it should make it for an exciting time tonight! Get pumped for the Survivor Season 30 premiere tonight with a sneak peek here:

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Survivor 2015 premieres tonight at 8/7c on CBS!

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