I am anxiously awaiting Survivor 2015 tonight, as there is some kind of shocker at Tribal Council on Survivor Season 30 and I want to know what it is right now! The previews are showing Jenn talking about quitting the game, but I don’t think that is it. So, what could Jeff Probst have up his sleeve for us tonight on Survivor Worlds Apart 2015??? Find out during our Survivor 2015 Season 30 Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2015 tonight!

Survivor 2015 Spoilers - Week 8 Preview 6

Last week on Survivor Season 30, we saw Joe continue his dominance in challenges, as he won both the Reward Challenge and the Immunity Challenge. Unfortunately, I think he will have to continue that path in order to stay in the game until the end. If he loses, he is vulnerable and the other castaways (particularly Mike and Rodney) are going to attack! We also saw the girls try to form an alliance, as Dan and his mouth got him in trouble again. Sierra seemed like she was on board, but then the vote came and she stuck with her Blue Collars and voted off Hali.

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Our recap begins soon, so follow along with Survivor Season 30 tonight right here!


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Here we go…

CAMP – Back at camp and Shirin and Dan are still going at and fighting who is the bigger fan of the show. Rodney talks about controlling everyone and he’ll take out the other Blue Collars when the time is right. Now Jenn is sad and talks about wanting to go home, which scares Shirin and she knows she needs to come up with a new plan, so the next day she starts working Mike to join their alliance and go along with them and he seems to be on board because she could help him get out some of the other dangers.

REWARD CHALLENGE – They are divided into two teams of five. They will race through a series of obstacles one at a time. Once all five are on the platform, they will then bring in five rings from the water by catching them on a rope. The first team done wins and they get an afternoon of eating all the candy they can dream of! The teams are:

  • Red Team – Rodney, Joe, Will, Carolyn and Jen
  • Blue Team – Mike, Dan, Tyler, Shirin and Sierra

RESULTS – These castaways literally beat themselves up on that obstacle course and it looked painful. This was close the whole way, but Blue Team gets their five rings back first and they win reward! Jenn whines about being out there and Joe said this is what they signed up for.

The winning team is enjoying their candy and enjoying each other’s company. Shirin is glad to be there and likes her new alliance with Sierra and Mike. Back at camp, the other castaways are going to kill a chicken and fry it up. Of course this upsets Jenn, as she thinks they are her chickens. Rodney starts impersonating Mike and it is pretty funny and makes me like Rodney for a moment!

Before the Immunity Challenge, Jenn talks with Joe and said if it comes down to him and her, just fall and she’ll win and then give him the necklace because she just wants to go home! Joe seems hesitant, as anyone would be and should be!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: They will be standing on a ledge and have to balance a block on their head with the top of the contraption. They’ll be standing on their tippy toes and that is going to be burning those legs quickly and they can’t touch the structure! It comes down to Jenn and Tyler and they were both holding strong, but Jenn drops her block and Tyler wins immunity! I think he is a sleeper in this one, so watch out for him on Survivor 2015!

CAMP – Joe knows they are gunning for them. He does tell Jenn and Shirin he has an idol, but he doesn’t. They talk and Shirin thinks she is the deciding vote, which she can. The others are going to split their votes and Mike wants Shirin to vote out Joe. Jenn wants to be gone and wants Shirin to vote for her. This is where it gets interesting, as Joe knows he is on the chopping block and he makes jewelry for a living, so he has gathered props and he makes a fake idol!!! He tells Mike he has it and agrees to give it to him tonight if Mike changes his vote to Jenn.

TRIBAL COUNCIL – They get there and Joe gives Mike the fake idol and said good luck. Will he switch his vote? Jeff said he doesn’t understand Jenn, as she said she doesn’t want to be there and then almost wins immunity. He asks her to quit and she said she is not a quitter. Before the vote, Mike asks to verify if it is a real idol or not and Jeff said he can’t until the vote is done. The castaways have no clue of what is going on! They vote and Mike plays the idol for Will, but it is not real, like we all knew.

VOTES: Jenn, Joe, Jenn, Joe, Dan, Jenn, Joe, Jenn, Joe and Joe. That means Joe has been eliminated and I am pissed! Mike stuck with voting Joe and Shirin voted for Joe, so Joe tried but he needed to win every challenge in order to win this season!

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