We have the Survivor 2015 Season 30 finale tonight with five castaways remaining, but Jeff Probst will be cutting that number down and the jury will be voting to pick the winner of Survivor Worlds Apart 2015 tonight! These last few challenges are key, so we have to wait to see how this all plays out! Who will be named the winner of Survivor Season 30? Find out during our Survivor 2015 Season 30 Live Recap and see who won Survivor 2015 tonight with us!

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Last week on Survivor Season 30, we got to see Rodney continue his campaign of people giving him the reward instead of actually winning a challenge! He lost the Reward Challenge again and while Carolyn thought about giving it up to him, she did not and I loved it! The target remains Mike, but he was able to narrowly win immunity and kept himself safe again, which meant the alliance of five had to go after each other again. They shifted their target onto Carolyn and Dan tried to guarantee her going home by using his advantage for a second vote for her. However, Carolyn sensed it and used her Hidden Immunity Idol, which meant all four votes for her were thrown out! The two votes for Dan counted and he was eliminated!

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Here we go…we take a look back at some highlights from the season and the journey of these final five castaways. Rodney is still delusional, so lets get this started.

CAMP – Mike doesn’t understand it, as they all voted for Carolyn and she is still working with them. She said Mike had her back, but he doesn’t have numbers. She knows where she sits with her alliance and will keep an eye out, but Mike is the biggest threat and that is true.

REWARD CHALLENGE – For this challenge, they will go through an obstacle and shoot some tiles through a hole and then carry them to a table and arrange them in pairs. This will give them numbers to unlock the key to raise their flag. The first person done wins reward and it appears to be unconditional love, as we see their families and loved ones are there! I am a mess right now seeing the loved ones come out. The winner of this gets time with their loved one and they come back to camp with them and they get an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge! The visit seems to have pumped up Will, but will it matter?

Mike gets all the tiles back first. Will was with him, but he can’t get up the beam with his first stack of tiles. Mike made it look so easy carrying the tiles, but everyone else is struggling. Sierra was trying to catch up, but Mike got it after a few tries and he wins the challenge and his Mom is coming to camp with him! She will spend the night and the next morning they will head out to the location for the Immunity Challenge and get his clue.

CAMP – Mike’s mom joins them at camp. He then steals her away and gets some alone time to discuss what has been going on and he says that is what he needed. The next morning, they go to the Immunity Challenge and they will be blindfolded and have to make their way through a maze. He gets to have his mother guide him through the maze for a half hour while blindfolded to help him get a feel for it. However, his mother gets confused with the maze and she feels she let him down on this one. I doubt it, momma!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – For this challenge, they will be blindfolded and have to work through the maze and find four medallions: one in the east, west, south and north corners. Once they have all four, they then have to find the immunity necklace located in the center of the maze on Survivor 2015!

Mike has three of the medallions and Rodney is in the right place at the right time and finds two and then helps the others get the same medallion. He is an idiot. Instead of finding the medallions himself, he helps others. Now Mike has all four and on the way to find the immunity necklace! I guess his Mom helped, as he gets the necklace and wins immunity!!!

CAMP – Time for the alliance to go against each other again. Sierra and Carolyn talk with Mike and they talk about voting Rodney off. They are trying to work over Mike, but he is not dumb. He talks about finishing the game with players and them being the Final 3 and no coat tailers in the Final 3. Mike talks to Rodney and he isn’t going to kiss butt, but here he is kissing Mike’s butt to get him to vote out Sierra and keep him and Will will vote with him. So, it is a matter if Mike goes with the guys or girls on this one!

TRIBAL COUNCIL – Mike said he is a swing vote tonight. Sierra said she has played hard. Rodney said he swore on his sister’s grave and what he said stands. Will is an idiot, as he said if Mike doesn’t win immunity tomorrow then he is gone. Um, why would he vote with the guys then??? Time for the vote!

VOTES – Sierra, Rodney, Sierra and Sierra! That means Sierra is voted off tonight on Survivor Season 30. I don’t mind it because she had no case in the end. It truly comes down Mike and Carolyn and who is there at the end.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE – No messing around and we are getting right into that final challenge! For this one, they will race up a huge tower to retrieve a key and slide down a huge waterslide. Then make their way through an obstacle course to get a bag of puzzle pieces. Get one bag and go back through it all again to get the next two bags! Finish the puzzle and win immunity. This is intense, so I think it is Mike or Carolyn winning it since Rodney and Will are useless.

This challenge is killing them and they are all exhausted! Rodney is not far behind Mike, which scares me. Mike has the lead and all three bags now and starting on the puzzle. They all are working on the puzzle and Rodney never gets one piece. Carolyn tries to come back, but Mike kicked butt and he is in the Final 3!!! He won five challenges, which is not done often! I guess buh bye Carolyn.

CAMP – Mike allows himself to celebrate for a hot second, but then he goes down to the water to think things through. Carolyn joins him and he said he is not voting her out and his gut is telling him to take her to the Final 3. He said it would end in a tie and it would be a fire-making challenge between her and Rodney. He wants Carolyn to work on making a fire all day to practice. Mike would rather beat someone then take two goats to the Final 3 with him and doesn’t care if it is a $1 million mistake. Carolyn is struggling with the fire and not excited about Tribal Council!

TRIBAL COUNCIL – Jury arrives and Dan is pissed Mike won. He is so bitter! Rodney said he heard Carolyn was going to vote for him and that doesn’t sit well with him. She calls him out on it and said she can only vote for him or Will! It all depends on what Mike actually does here, so time to vote!

VOTES – Carolyn, Rodney, Carolyn and Rodney! It is a tie and it is a fire-making challenge. Jeff said they should know how to make fire by now and Dan laughs in the jury. He does realize he looks like an ass right now, right?

They both have the same supplies and will work to build a fire high enough to burn through the rope. They have both broken their flint and gotten replacements. Jeff said it best, as they have been in the jungle for 38 days and fire is their lifeline. We are 45 minutes into it and neither can get flames! Rodney finally gets some flames, but he can’t hold onto it and it goes out. Rodney gets the fire going and throws wood on it and has it going, but then Carolyn gets a flame too! She starts building a teepee with the wood and she is smart. Rodney’s flames never get to the rope and Carolyn’s does and she burns the rope and wins! That means Carolyn goes to Final 3 and Rodney has been eliminated! We have a White Collar, Blue Collar and No Collar in the Final 3, which is typical. Was it a bad move by Mike?

CAMP – Final 3 enjoy their last day at camp and eat their breakfast of champions. They all think of ways they can convince the jury to give them $1 million. I think it comes down to Carolyn and Mike and as much as they hate Mike, they have to respect what he did and give it to him, right?

FINAL TRIBAL – Time for the jury questions!

  • Joe – He said his vote is open and they need to earn it by how they handle tonight.
  • Hali – She asks Carolyn about being a mom.
  • Rodney – He talks to Will and Will said he tried to be friendly and make friends, but maybe not Shirin. He asks Carolyn about her big moves because he didn’t see them. No questions for Mike.
  • Tyler – He asked about Mike’s social game and he said he thought he was social and maybe he just sucked. He said it hurts for Carolyn voting him out. She said you have to make moves and she is sorry.
  • Jenn – She said she loves them and wants to talk to the jury and tells them they are all bitter. Mike deserves this and get over their bitterness, which is so true!
  • Dan – He said Mike only cared about making it to the end and he didn’t think about who was on the jury. Mike then apologizes for what he did at auction and going back on his word and losing his trust. Dan said that is the most honest and genuine thing he has said since auction, so it looks like Mike just won his vote.
  • Shirin – She said what Mike did when Will was attacking her was a million dollar moment for her, but that does not earn her vote. She is a superfan and will give it to the person who played the best game.

It is now time for the jury to vote for the winner. I am nervous on this one, but I think it is bitterness but a vote for Mike because he played the best! We see Jenn vote for Mike, Shirin voted for Carolyn and Rodney voted for Will (stupid)! Jeff tallies the votes and here we go to the live show!

VOTES – Mike, Will, Carolyn, Mike, Mike, Mike and he wins Survivor Season 30!!! I am crying!!!

What do you think of the results on Survivor Worlds Apart 2015 tonight?


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