It looks like the castaways on Survivor 2014 are in for some rough weather tonight on Survivor Cagayan 2014 and they will be wondering if the rain will ever go away, as one tribe tries to fix their shelter that was ruined by all the rain! The sneak peek photos we shared earlier make it looks like the Beauty Tribe is in some trouble and the Brains Tribe is struggling again at an Immunity Challenge on Survivor Season 28??? You would assume that the Brains would have it together this season, but Week 1 was a struggle and maybe Week 2 will be as well! Find out during our Survivor 2014 Spoilers Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor Season 28, we were introduced to the three tribes (Brawn vs. Beauty vs. Brains) and the Brains got clobbered! They lost both challenges and were falling apart at camp. Two blindsides later and David and Garrett were eliminated and the tribe is left wondering when things will flip for them and maybe they can finally get a victory (or at least a second place finish) tonight on Survivor 2014!

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Find out in our Survivor 2014 Spoilers Recap starting soon and see who got voted off tonight, but check out our predictions in the meantime!


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Here we go…we start with the Brains Tribe getting back to camp and Spencer gives kudos to the women for the move they made. He knows he has to do some crazy things to get off the bottom of the tribe. Tasha said she has no alliance, but the girls need to stick together on this one and they talk alliance.

Over on the Brawn Tribe, Tony is up and at the fire and Sarah comes over and he tells her that he is actually a cop and can’t believe she knew. She said some people have gaydar, but she has cop-dar. The cops are planning on sticking together, but how long will that stay? He makes up a story about other tribe members to get her on her side. This should be interesting to watch play out, but Cops ‘R Us for now on Survivor 2014! And then the rain starts coming down and coming down hard!

It is the next day and the winds and rain are still coming down! The water has some major waves and Tony and Sarah are out there trying to bring in branches to help the shelter. Woo is excited and thinks this is what Survivor is all about! The castaways are all hiding in shelter and the emotions are running high, as Lindsey is not wanting to be there. Sarah talks with Tony and he said Lindsey and Cliff were talking bad about her and now they handshake over Blue Blood and Cops ‘R Us and she seems legit in it, but he says you can’t trust anyone and he is shady!

Over on the Beauty Tribe on Survivor Cagayan 2014 and they are hating it. Jefra is having a breakdown, as they have been wet for like 24 hours and nothing is working out. LJ thinks Jefra is doing a lot of complaining and not doing and the girls do nothing and expect the guys to do it all! They are trying to build the shelter safer and LJ is just trying to keep quiet to not put a bullseye on his back!

Since no one is able to do anything, LJ remembers seeing Morgan out by the rocks when they arrived and thinks it could be the Hidden Immunity Idol, so he heads out to search while the storm is going. She may not have found it, but he did and now he is telling no one!

It seems that the rain and wind has finally stopped and Tasha wants the Brains Tribe to practice for the Immunity Challenge and not lose again, but the rest are all focused on something different. Tasha and Spencer head out to the water and start flinging water at each other to practice!

Immunity Challenge: the teams will use a bucket to scoop water from the ocean. They will then pass the water along and fill a bucket on a teeter totter. When filled, it will release a ball and two tribe members will use that ball to complete a maze. First two tribes done will win immunity. If you win, the tribe gets comfort and shelter of blanket, pillows, mosquito net and tarp. The second tribe done gets a tarp! Brawn sits out Tony and Lindsey and the Beauty sit out Jefra and Alexis.

They get started and one tribe member will fill the bucket and toss it to the next one, who then tosses it again and then they throw the water to the last tribe member and they dump whatever water they have into the bucket. Beauty is kicking butt on this one and then Brawn and Brains. J’Tia and Tasha have no ability going on right now!

Beauty tribe is done and starts working on the maze. Brawn gets the bucket filled and now working on the maze and Brians is not even close with the water in the bucket! Brain Tribe finally finishes and starts working on the maze and will the Brians finally pan out??? Brawn Tribe gets it done and wins immunity. Now it is a battle between Brains and Beauty and Beauty falls apart and Brains keeps it together, so they win immunity and will not go to Tribal Council! Beauty Tribe is headed to Tribal Council on Survivor 2014!

Back at camp and the Brawn Tribe is happy to have all their comfort and tarp and camp is getting ready for more rain! Tony is a thinker, so he goes through all the stuff and looks for a clue while his tribe members are all sitting back and not thinking! He finds the clue, but he already has the idol and just tosses it for no one else to see!

Over on the Beauty Tribe, they are back at camp and everyone is feeling down after all the rain and then losing the Immunity Challenge. LJ asks if anyone is ready to go home, but no one is ready. They seem to be on the same page and it is either Brice or Morgan. They seem to think Brice is a bigger threat, so he may go home. Brice thinks he could be a target, so he talks to Jeremiah and he said it is Alexis. Morgan, Brice and Jeremiah seem to have an alliance and now they want to get Jefra to vote for Alexis. Now Jefra is all torn and probably going to ruin it for someone! Jefra talks to Jeremiah and he says they are still strong with her, LJ and Alexis and voting out Brice! Alexis wants to split the vote and vote Morgan and Brice and they will revote in case one of them play the idol. Jeremiah is playing all the sides and no one knows where his vote is going until he writes it down!

Tribal Council: they talk about being on the Beauty Tribe and how they are all pretty. I am over them and are any of them really that hot? Jefra said everything was a party until the rain came and then the loss and she never saw anyone talking strategy before the loss. Brice said everyone is talking strategy, but Alexis has not talked to him, which means she is gunning for him. There is talk about Morgan having a possible idol since she was the first one to get on the island. Jeremiah said the vote is going to hurt, but that is Survivor. Time for the vote on Survivor 2014! Jeff tallies the vote and no idols are played!

Voting Results: Alexis, Brice, Morgan, Alexis, Brice and Morgan! That means we have a tie, so LJ, Jeremiah and Jefra will vote one more time. The new voting results: Brice and Brice and he is voted off Survivor Cagayan 2014 tonight!

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