No pressure or anything, but we have the winner of Survivor Season 29 crowned tonight and that $1 million prize is going to someone, but who will it be? The Survivor 2014 Season 29 finale tonight and the five remaining castaways all want that money, but only one can walk away with the big money and we have two hours to get through before finding it out. So, who wins Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014 tonight? Find out our predictions below in our Survivor 2014 Season 29 spoilers!

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Survivor 2014 Season 29 Spoilers - Finale Predictions

Last week on Survivor Blood vs Water 2014, it was a night of Natalie trying to cover her tracks after voting out Alec over Keith because she wanted to keep the old guy around to win challenges (how ironic is that)??? She seemed to cover her tracks and then it was time to complete her mission of getting rid of Jon. She had Baylor on her side, but after Natalie won immunity and it could happen, they had to convince Missy to go along with the plan. The daughter did her work and Missy voted with them and Jon was blindsided and eliminated with a Hidden Immunity Idol in his pocket!

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So, who is winning tonight? I am torn on this one. The previews show one more blindside, which I think will be the breaking up of the couple, so I think Bay will be voted off. They’ll then get rid of Jaclyn and I think Keith will sneak his way into the Final 2 and I would like to see Natalie with him, so I am going with her. Based on those two, I am going to pick Keith as the winner (and maybe that is a selfish prediction, but oh well)!

Who do you think wins Survivor 2014 tonight?

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