Who is ready for the merge on Survivor 2014 Season 29 tonight? The remaining castaways on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014 seem to be happy about it, but will that happiness come back to bite one of them in the butt? We will see all of the loved ones united on Survivor Blood vs Water 2014 tonight, so will the single tribe go after the couples or the singles? Find out during our Survivor 2014 Season 29 Recap tonight and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2014 tonight!

Survivor 2014 Season 29 Spoilers - Week 7 Preview 18

Last week on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014, the focus was on the Hunahpu Tribe and how they ran out of rice. While they gave up all their comfort items and tools for another bag of rice, Jeremy sat back and let it happen but he sure did complain about it during his camera time. It could be a big advantage on why the Hunahpu Tribe has been so dominant this season, which continued again during the Immunity Challenge and the Coyopa Tribe headed to Tribal Council again. Despite trying to work Jon over with a fake Hidden Immunity Idol, nothing could help Dale and he was voted off!

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The fun begins shortly, so follow along with all the action tonight below in our Survivor 2014 Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…the next day, we see Missy try and clear things over with Keith and how she hid it from about writing his name down. Her and Baylor try to cover their tracks, but he said he is done with them and leaving them high and dry!

Over at Hunahpu Tribe and they get tree mail and they are heading to the merge! Josh and Reed are sad to not have gotten rid of Jeremy when they could, but they think they have the numbers to still do it. However, Jeremy is gunning for them, but does he have numbers?

The castaways all head out to a location and the merge has happened and they are eating like kings and queens! They get their new buffs and pack up all the food they did not eat to bring back to camp with them, which will be the former Coyopa Tribe camp. Julie and Jeremy talk and she said it is hard to see everyone with their couples. Jeremy is working the crowd and he is throwing Josh under the bus and say he is running everything. He is trying to work Jon, but Jeremy runs his mouth too much and too soon! They seem confident with the numbers against Josh.

We have a new tribe name: Huyopa Tribe! The next day arrives and it is Wes’ birthday. His Dad did forget for a minute, which is funny, as Josh told him happy birthday first. Josh and Reed chat again and they have couples numbers, so they want to stick together. They are worried about Jeremy, but they think they have Wes, Keith and Alec. They think they have Baylor and she can bring Missy. This is a big mess!

Josh talks with Baylor and is trying to work her over, but they don’t trust her and could the boys be in trouble on Survivor Season 29? Baylor talks to her mom and she is struggling with voting out Josh. Her Mom tells her she has to be phony, which she is good at!

Josh knows that Baylor is a goner, so now it is time to work on Jon and Jaclyn and get them on their side. I like Josh and Reed, so someone needs to join them! Jon and Jaclyn think they are the power couple again, which is kind of true. Why does it always come down to them???

We finally get to what Julie put in her bag and it was trail mix! They all packed some food for camp and she said they ate everything they took back. They know trail mix is gone, so they go searching through the bags and find it in Julie’s bag while she is out sunbathing! It is childish and I am not sure who to side with, but not looking good for Julie, but the other castaways acted like children!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: We have the first individual Immunity Challenge up for grabs! For this challenge, they will balance a ball on a disc while holding two ropes to balance it. They will move back further on the rope and after 25 minutes, a second ball will be added. This is going to work those arm muscles big time!

That was a quick one, but Jeremy is out first and I smile! We then see Missy and Julie knocked out, so Julie could be in trouble. They move back to the last spot and Reed is out and then Baylor is out! Alec and Jaclyn are victims of the wind and they are out. Natalie is out next and we are down to Josh, Wes, Keith and Jon. They make it to the 25 minute mark and now a second ball will be added! Josh is out first and we see a smirk from Jeremy on the sideline. Jon is out next and it is a battle of the father and son. They both are close to losing the balls, but Wes drops it first and Keith wins immunity!!!

Now time to see all the talking and scheming. Jeremy is talking about how bad he is at these challenges and how everyone beat him. Alec hints about the trail mix under his breath and Julie walks away and not sure what she is going to do. She talks with Missy about things and she tells her to hang in there. We see Jon and Jeremy talking and they seem to be going after Josh and he is the only one in his alliance playing the game, so take him out. Jon then talks to Wes, Keith, Josh and Reed and they talk about keeping the couples together. This seemed to make Jon do a 180 and voting Jeremy out??? He talks with Jaclyn and they seem hesitant, but will be going with a Jeremy vote tonight on Survivor 2014???

Count that one out? Julie is gone from camp and she meets with Jeff Probst and is wanting to leave the game. She misses her man and feels like it is Mean Girls and she can’t go another 21 days with this all. She officially quits the game and has to do what is best for her. Stupid move and toughen up girl!

Jeff heads to camp and tells the other castaways that Julie has quit the game and Jeremy is upset because she was a number for him. They really bad mouth her before Jeff announces there is no Tribal Council tonight and they all move on to next week, so now Jeremy remains in the game!

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