The drama will be intense tonight on Survivor 2014 Season 29, as we will see one tribe fight for more rice in order to stay strong the rest of the season and another castaway fights to stay in the game by creating a fake Hidden Immunity Idol! Yeah, we saw what happened to Val when she lied about having 14 different idols! Will the same fate happen to Dale tonight on Survivor Blood vs Water 2014? And at what price with Hunahpu have to pay for that rice? Find out during our Survivor 2014 Season 29 Recap tonight and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor Season 29, the tribes were switched around and the castaways drew new buffs for their new tribes. Regardless of the new tribes, the Coyopa Tribe found themselves on the losing end of things again. They headed to Tribal Council and it was a battle of the loved ones, as three couples made up the Coyopa Tribe and it seemed like Jon & Jaclyn controlled where the vote was going, so they decided to stick with Baylor & Missy and sent Kelley home!

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The fun begins shortly, so follow along with all the action tonight below in our Survivor 2014 Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…back to camp for Coyopa after their Tribal Council last time. Dale said it was tough seeing his daughter go through that, but he is not giving up until he can’t talk any more. The next day arrives and Dale brings out the fake idol and shows Jon and he thinks this is his ticket for another week on Survivor 2014.

Over on Hunahpu, the castaways are all tired and blah and hungry! Jeremy thinks they should suck it up and they could win a reward the next day, but here comes Jeff and he has the bag of rice with him! Jeff said he has only done this one other time to give a tribe more rice and that was under some rough circumstances. He said there has never been a tribe that needed more help and only 14 days in! For getting the rice, he is pretty much clearing out their camp and leaving them with a machete, flint and a pot! This is going back to where they started, as they lose all the comfort items and tools. Worth it for more rice? Jeremy is pissed!!!

REWARD CHALLENGE: It looks like Exile Island is still going on??? One person from each tribe will be blindfolded and race through a wooden obstacle to the other side and study a puzzle. They will untie three bags and head back and have to recreate the puzzle they cannot see! There are fake puzzle pieces in there to mess with their minds. It will be Reed for Hunahpu and Baylor for Coyopa. The winner gets all the fixings for a barbecue for their tribe. The loser heads to Exile Island.

They both get started and are pretty much neck and neck and both back with all three bags and working on their puzzles. Reed kicks some major butt and has one wrong piece in there, but fixes it and asks Jeff if he is correct. He is and Baylor struggles, so he wins and Baylor heads to Exile Island. Reed must pick someone from his tribe to join her and he picks Julie, but then Natalie volunteers and Reed goes with her instead. She will miss out on the barbecue, but a smart move???

Over on Coyopa, Missy, Jacyln and Jon are talking and he mentions that Dale showed him the idol and that put a wrinkles in their plan. Now they will be going after Keith.

EXILE ISLAND: They share the idol clue and Natalie thinks this will be beneficial long term and they need to find that idol. I have no trust for either Missy or Baylor, so good luck Natalie.

Hunahpu gets their feast and Jeremy is still ticked off! He enjoys the food, but thinks they made a bad mistake giving up everything they did. How crazy can he be? They aren’t even halfway through and have no rice. Of course, it rains the night they give up their tarp and it is hell. It is nonstop and Julie is ready to quit!

The next day and Jeremy is trying to talk up Julie because he needs her and he needs her number. This is not working well with her tribe though, as she could be the next target because of this.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: For this challenge, the teams will be racing up a tall wall and then push a large, wooden cube through three posts and pick up three bags along the way. The bags contain scrolls, which will be used at the end to create a flag to raise for the victory! Julie sits out for Hunahpu.

Hunahpu gets the ball rolling early, but Coyopa gets a rhythm and Jon is great getting those bags off the ring. Jeremy is struggling and wastes so much time on the second bag. Coyopa gets all three bags and starts working on the puzzle as Jeremy finally gets second bag. Wes gets the third bag for Hunhapu and they start working on the puzzle. Jon and Missy are working on the puzzle and Josh & Reed for Hunahpu. Despite the huge lead and talking some crap by Jon, we see Josh and Reed come back BIG TIME and they complete the puzzle and win immunity yet again! Coyopa is headed to Tribal Council once again.

We are back at camp and here we go again, as Coyopa prepares for another Tribal Council. Keith actually has an idol, so he has that. Dale is going big here and this is going to hurt him! With that being said, he tells Jon that if he stays tonight then he will give Jon his idol before leaving Tribal Council! They talk and decide to still vote out Dale and give three votes to Dale and two to Keith. However, Missy is the one calling the shots and now Jon is torn and not sure what to do.

TRIBAL COUNCIL: Why are Baylor and Missy still there? They just annoy me! The beginning of the game and Baylor flipping votes always comes up. Jon said it is all about who he can trust long term and that is what the vote is about tonight. Time for that vote on Survivor 2014 tonight! Jeff tallies the votes and no idol is played, so here we go!

VOTES: Dale, Keith, Missy, Keith, Dale and Dale, which means Dale has been eliminated tonight and he walks away with his fake idol!

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