Big happenings on Survivor 2014 tonight, as the tribes on Survivor Season 29 will be switching (I was just getting used to the names and who was on each one)! It isn’t the merge on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014, but it is just switching people around and changing the dynamic of the gam, big time! Who will it affect the most on Survivor Blood vs Water 2014? Watch with us during our Survivor 2014 Season 29 Recap tonight and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014, the focus was on Drew and how he thought he was the mastermind behind everything happening in the Hunahpu Tribe. He found himself at Exile Island and decided it would be best to throw the next Immunity Challenge and start getting rid of some of the rats on his tribe since they had yet to go to Tribal Council. He was successful in throwing the comp, but he was not successful in getting rid of the rats, unless he considered himself a rat? The girls banded together and voted out Drew and he headed home thinking he might not be the mastermind like he thought he was!

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The fun begins shortly, so follow along with all the action tonight below in our Survivor 2014 Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…for the first time, we see the Hunahpu Tribe come back and Jon said he was the odd one out and he knows he has some damage control to do. Jon goes to Jeremy and he thinks he is in a beautiful spot now, so that will not happen. We now see the Coyopa Tribe at camp and thinking there is no way Drew would have been voted out because they want to keep winning challenges. They are in for a shocker!

REWARD CHALLENGE: In comes the Hunahpu Tribe and Alec is shocked that Drew is gone and he thinks they saw him as a big threat. Jeff shocks them all and tells them to drop their buffs! They draw for buffs and the new tribes are:

  • Hunahpu – Josh, Reed, Alec, Wes, Jeremy, Julie and Natalie
  • Coyopa – Dale, Kelley, Missy, Baylor, Jon, Jacyln and Keith

So, we have one tribe with all couples and one single and then the other tribe is one couple and all singles! There is no challenge, but just switching tribes. Is Exile Island done???

We get to Hunahpu Tribe and they have no rice left and they ate crazy at the beginning. How can they make it far with no food??? Jeremy is now afraid with Josh on their tribe and he can flip Reed’s votes and Jeremy is gone. Kind of cool to hear, but Josh and Reed are being abstinent until marriage and gives a positive look at the gay community….I am loving it!

Over at the Coyopa Tribe and Jon loves that there is so much rice at this camp! Jon thought he was going home and now Jaclyn is on his tribe, so he has new life in the game of Survivor 2014 Season 29! They go out to chat and she said she does not trust Baylor or Josh. Jon and Jaclyn show their love to everyone, which would annoy the hell out of me! Keith is all alone, but he has the Hidden Immunity Idol, so he is safe for one week at least!

Alec is babbling and babbling like his brother did. He thinks he is good to go and trying to distance himself from his brother. Jeremy and Natalie talk about needing to Alec on their side and he would be taken out by Josh and Reed. They are going to drown him with “single water” and get him on their side.

Missy is making rice and Dale is monitoring her and she is not happy about it. She comes from the tribe that has no rice left, so she thinks it is fine. Baylor said that Dale wanted her gone, so now Missy is upset and protecting her daughter against the “bully Dale.” Kelley sees a fight happening between her Dad and Missy, so she is playing peacemaker and this makes me like Dale so much!

RiceGate continues, as we go back to the Hunahpu Tribe and they are going insane with no food and talk about trading a reward for more rice. Alec mentions it and his brother tried it before, so watch out. Reed said it makes them look foolish to barter, but they need food to survive!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: For the challenge, they will race to dig up a bag with two keys and then crawl through the mud. They will unlock a gate and wiggle the pole to get their bags. From there, they will toss the sandbags onto a wobbly platform and first one to get ten bags will win immunity!

Hunahpu Tribe gets their bags first and through the mud and unlocking the gates as Coyopa finally finds their bag! Hunahpu gets their bags and is now having two members toss their bags. They have eight bags when Coyopa finally gets their bags down! Make that ten bags before Coyopa Tribe even throws a bag on Survivor Season 29! Coyopa has yet to win an Immunity Challenge this season, except last week when it was thrown to them!

Jeff sends them on their way, but Hunahpu stops him and asks to see if they can get more rice for some kind of trade. He said they will have to pay the price for what the early Hunahpu Tribe did with eating too much rice and that could be a heavy price! He said he has a Tribal Council to get through and they have a little rice, so enjoy that and he’ll come to their camp the next day!

Coyopa is back at camp and Keith feels he could be safe, as one couple does not like the other couple. Dale said he needs to get one couple with them and they would be safe. He knows that Baylor is shady and could say one thing and shift at Tribal, so he is set to work on Jon and Jaclyn now. The couples start chatting and they seem to form an alliance, but will it actually stick? Jon and Jaclyn go off and said they have to get to know more of them, so they chat with Baylor and Missy now. As they all chat more and more and more, it comes down to what Jon and Jaclyn want to do and who they want to pair with. It looks like Keith slides under the radar and one of the couples will be broken up!

TRIBAL COUNCIL: Keith said it was good and bad being the single, but he had some of his tribe members come and he feels good. Jon said it is nice talking to Jaclyn and having someone he can trust 100%. Dale said that Jon and Jaclyn are the hottest couple in camp right now because they make the decision tonight, but Baylor said they are the hottest couple in general! Jeff said it perfectly, as the parents are protecting their kids, but it is ruining their own game. I just want to slap Missy and I never felt that way before this one. The talking is done and time for the voting!

VOTES: No idol is played, so the votes are Baylor, Kelley, Baylor, Kelley, Dale, Dale and Kelley! So, they felt like they were the smarter group and went with Missy and Baylor, of course. Dumb always wins in Survivor, huh?

What do you think of the results on Survivor Season 29 tonight?

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