The tension should be high tonight on Survivor 2014, as the tribes are going to be butting heads with each other and one tribe even mentions those dreaded words: throwing a challenge! It seems like the Hunahpu Tribe on Survivor Blood vs Water 2014 has yet to head to Tribal Council and they are thinking it might be time to go and trim some of their fat. Good move? We’ll find out tonight on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014! Watch with us during our Survivor 2014 Season 29 Recap tonight and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor Season 29, the focus was on John Rocker and his past, which included him doing an interview and making racist and homophobic statements. A person can change, right? Sure, but he showed no signs of changing and his arrogance and cockiness was too much for me to handle. I guess it was too much for his tribe to handle also, as the Coyopa Tribe lost another Immunity Challenge and found themselves at Tribal Council again. They shocked me and decided to blindside John, who was voted off and left with a Hidden Immunity Idol in his pocket!

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The fun begins shortly, so follow along with all the action tonight below in our Survivor 2014 Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…the Coyopa Tribe comes back from Tribal Council, yet again, and Alec said it best, we weren’t winning anyways. Dale is now worried and thinks he could be on the chopping block. Over at the Hunahpu Tribe, they found the missing flint! Drew said he is a big fisher and he wants that fishing gear they bartered. He said he is going to ask Jeff for that fishing gear, but the tribe thinks he is crazy!

REWARD CHALLENGE: The tribes arrives and Julie is not happy, but her tribe members are applauding them. Drew stops Jeff and tries to make a trade and Jeff messes with him, but said the trade is done and keep the flint! For the challenge, they will use a hook to grab bags of balls. They will then catapult those balls into five baskets. First one done either wins comfort items, like blankets and pillows, or comfort food, like smores!

Hunahpu Tribe gets to pick who competes and it is Jon going up against his girlfriend Jaclyn. She is off to a quick start and gets two bags with the first two tosses. Jon starts slow, but then gets all three bags back and starts launching. He gets one ball in the basket and Jaclyn gets her third bag. They both get four balls in and it is a tight race, but Jon gets the final ball in and wins and Jaclyn is headed to Exile Island! He sends Drew with her, who almost volunteered. For winning, Hunahpu takes comfort over food.

Back at camp, Jon is having mixed emotions with sending Drew to Exile with Jaclyn and how she might be doing all the work there. Julie knows things are better without John there and hoping they let her play the game on her own now.

Over at Exile Island, Drew and Jaclyn get there and pick their urn. Drew gets it and shares it with her. They are actually both working and sharing info about the camps and tribes. He then tells her he is going to throw the next challenge and get rid of some of the deadweight, which Jaclyn seems shocked about.

Back at Hunahpu Tribe, Keith is searching for the Hidden Immunity Idol and he knows it is not there. He knows that Jeremy has it, since he got the clue before him. Keith tells the girls that he knows Jeremy has it. Reed goes to tell Jeremy and he gets all worked up and now he wants Keith gone because he is a rat. From there, Keith goes out to find the idol again and actually finds it! He thinks he is good, since the others think Jeremy has it. However, this whole thing could hurt Keith’s game!

We see some drama on the Coyopa Tribe and Baylor and Alec are not getting along, but like brother and sisters don’t!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: Drew said he is going to through it, but will it be enough to make his tribe lose? For the challenge, one person will swim out and race up a platform and dive in to get a ring. Four castaways get the rings and the other two castaways will then toss the rings onto the posts. First tribe with all four rings on will win immunity on Survivor 2014!

Both the tribes are moving pretty even, but Coyopa gets done first and they start shooting. Hunahpu is going now and Drew is shooting and he is missing on purpose, so he can lose this for his tribe! He gets one, but that is it. Coyopa wins it’s first Immunity Challenge, but it was thrown to them! They will still take it and Hunahpu is headed to Tribal Council!

Back at camp, Drew thinks he is a bad ass and manipulator of this game, so will he be voted off tonight? Jon comes up with a plan and keep the couples intact and vote out Julie tonight. Drew hears this and does not agree and thinks Kelley is a bigger threat and she can take them out, so it is his mission to get people to vote for her tonight. Jeremy tries to play the get rid of Keith card, but Drew is not on board and thinks Kelley is the mastermind and will take out the guys one by one. Drew is running his mouth and this is going to hurt him.

Yup, it will hurt him! Natalie is there when he is talking about it and she goes to Missy and they say he has to go. Then Kelley overhears Drew talking about voting her out! Drew has no brain and he said they are getting rid of Kelley and they better get on board and he doesn’t care. Jon tells him he is being a jackass, which is putting it nicely!

TRIBAL COUNCIL: Julie said that Drew and Jon get along very well. Missy said they have too many chiefs on the tribe. Jon said emotions ran high once they got back from the challenge. Jeremy then goes off about Keith calling him out about the idol and they get into a little spiff. Drew said they need to get rid of the bad energy. Kelley said she agrees, but she might have a different view on who the bad seed is. Jon said there are too many names being thrown out and he doesn’t even know whose name to write down! They have to figure it out, as it is time for the vote on Survivor 2014 Season 29 tonight!

VOTING RESULTS: No idol is played, so the votes are: Julie, Kelley, Drew, Keith, Julie, Drew, Drew and Drew!!! That look when Jeff said his name said it all. Another blindside and another castaway very deserving of being sent home!!!

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