It seems like the focus of Survivor 2014 Season 29 tonight will be on John Rocker and the terrible comments he made during an interview as a pitcher with the Atlanta Braves. While that is good and all, this is a game and let’s focus on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014 and the drama that come with that! Watch with us during our Survivor 2014 Season 29 Recap tonight and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor 2014 San Juan del Sur, the Coyopa Tribe was looking for their first win of the season, but the Hunahpu Tribe was not letting that happen. We saw Jon on Hunahpu lose their flint and they tried to bargain their beans for some more flint from Jeff Probst, but he was not happy with their tactics and made them give up their fishing gear in return! We saw John lose Exile Island and he was joined there by Jeremy. They made a deal to keep each other’s significant other safe. John did try and keep Val safe at Tribal Council, but her lies caught up with her and John voted against her in the revote and Val was eliminated!

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The fun begins shortly, so follow along with all the action tonight below in our Survivor 2014 Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…back to Coyopa Tribe and the return from Tribal Council and Baylor is playing for herself know and knew she was almost blindsided by Josh. John is defending why he voted Val out, which he did try to safe her for a little bit. Josh said that his alliance with John is in question and Jaclyn and Baylor are on the chopping block soon.

Over on Hunahpu Tribe, Drew is wanting to get the camp in order in case a storm comes. The tribe starts working, but Drew determines he is not a weaver and has other assets to provide, so he goes and takes a nap! He is sleeping in the shelter and everyone is working around him, so Natalie calls him out on that! Jeremy said he was planning on taking him further in the game because he is an idiot, but he doesn’t think he’ll last that long now!

REWARD CHALLENGE: The tribes come and Jeremy sees that his wife was voted off and he calls the other tribe out and said the men are taking out the strong women one-by-one and they better wake up. John said he tried to keep Val safe, but his alliance did not want to. Josh is pissed and said John admitted to working with Val in front of everyone! For the challenge, they will race across a wobbly beam and try to pick up pieces and bring them from one end to the other without dropping them. The winner will get comfort for their tribe in the form of blankets and comforters or you can trade it for fishing gear. It will be father-son battle and Keith against Wes.

It is a very close race, but Keith is holding a little lead halfway through. Wes gets a little lead and then gets his fifth tile and Keith drops his and must go back. Keith gets the fifth, but then Wes gets the sixth tile and wins reward for Coyopa Tribe and their first victory of the season! We see some strong emotions come from both guys and I am a mess too! That means Keith goes Exile Island and Wes picks Josh to go with him. Coyopa Tribe takes the fishing gear and they head back to camp. John whispers to Jeremy that he did everything he could, but he says he is out to get John!

The Hunahpu Tribe comes back to camp and Jeremy is not happy that John did not keep his word. Julie comes back crying about her boyfriend John, but Natalie and Jeremy are pissed she is crying and still has a loved one there. Jeremy outs John’s past and the racist and homophobic comments he made and he would spit on people. Julie gets all emotional and says she knows it is a game, but she is a mess!

EXILE ISLAND: Keith and Josh arrive and Keith knows he walked away with nothing, so he makes an agreement and they agree to share it with each other. They know that John and Jeremy may each have the Hidden Immunity Idol. This is the complete opposite side of things, but they get along well, but Keith said no spooning will be going on!

Over at Coyopa Tribe, they have fishing gear and John is out catching a lot of fish and he is hoping that keeps him around longer. Later on, Baylor knows the guys are working together and she tries to get Wes and Alec on their side. She tries, but they agree she has to go and guys stick together on Survivor 2014 Season 29!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: For this challenge, they will divide into pairs and be tethered together. They will go through an obstacle course to get a ball and then try to shoot it into the goal. The first tribe to get three baskets wins immunity. Keith sits out for Hunahpu and Dale for Coyopa.

ROUND 1: Jon & Natalie against Baylor & Josh. They are both moving fast, but both miss their first shot. Jon gets the ball back and hits the second time, so a 1-0 lead for Hunahpu.

ROUND 2: Wes & Alec against Missy & Julie. Wes & Alec fly through the course and Wes nails the shot, so tied 1-1 now.

ROUND 3: John & Jaclyn against Reed &Drew. John shows some unsportsmanlike conduct, but he nails the shot and 2-1 lead for Coyopa.

ROUND 4: Josh & Baylor against Jeremy & Jaclyn. Baylor tries first, but misses. Jeremy is up next and he hits it, so tied 2-2.

FINAL ROUND: Wes & Alec against Jon & Natalie. This is a tough battle and Wes is doing some pushing under there. They both get a shot, but miss it. Jon gets the first second shot and hits it, so Hunahpu Tribe wins immunity again!

It gets ugly, as Natalie calls out John and said he is a loser and keeps running his mouth. It gets ugly and both sides are saying way too much. This is all unnecessary drama and John said he would punch her if Natalie was a guy. He then wants to tear down the obstacle course and everyone fight. People sure do change, huh? Julie said we don’t know him personally and it is based on that article in his past, but his display this season shows me enough of who he is personally and I don’t want to know him!

Back at the Coyopa Tribe, Baylor is going to try and use this fight to go after John. He says accusations versus actions and his biggest ally is a gay man, which is true, but I think he’ll do anything to win the money. John comes up with a plan and tells Baylor and Jaclyn to blindside Dale and vote out the old guy. John then goes to the guys and says to vote out Baylor. Josh and John talk and he tells him about his Hidden Immunity Idol and Josh is not liking it. He said sometimes allies change and you get to know them better, so he doesn’t want to align with him.

Now Josh and Wes talk and they decide to vote John out! They tell Baylor and think they can do it. Wes tells Alec and he is not down with the idea and voting out a strong player. However, they have not won an Immunity Challenge and I say get rid of the big guy! John is bringing his idol with him, just in case!

TRIBAL COUNCIL: John reiterates that he tried to save Val, but his tribe is not liking it. John said that several of them are carrying all the weight, but he gets the blame put all on him. Jaclyn said they would have a huge target on their backs if they make it to merge. They are all running their mouths and who knows how this will go, but John is looking a little worried and he has the idol with him. Baylor said to get rid of the dark cloud, but thinks she will get some votes. Time for that vote!

VOTES: No idol is played, so let’s get some John votes!!! Baylor, John, Baylor, John, John and John!!! Baylor is relived, Dale looks shocked and John is beyond angry! He does say well played, but Jeff looked afraid to put out that fire!!!

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