One of the tribes on Survivor 2014 Season 29 will be tested, as they have lost their flint and trying to survive without fire! That is a huge task, especially when they need to cook their food, but can the castaways on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014 bargain with host Jeff Probst for some flint?? Find out during our Survivor 2014 Season 29 Recap tonight and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014, the new castaways made their way to island and meet their fellow tribe members. It is Blood vs Water again, but this time they all knew what they were heading into. However, Jeff Probst threw a wrench in the game when he started the show with a challenge and the return of Exile Island and the castaways will battle their loved ones with the loser heading to Exile Island. In the end, the Orange Tribe lost the Immunity Challenge and faced the first Tribal Council on Survivor Season 29. They have seen the Twinnies in action on The Amazing Race, so they didn’t want to deal with them here and they voted off Nadiya Anderson!

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The fun begins shortly, so follow along with all the action tonight below in our Survivor 2014 Recap starting soon!


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Here we go…we see Orange Tribe come back from Tribal Council and Josh said he wrote down Baylor’s name because he didn’t want the guys to think they are aligned. She thinks it is a good move, but worried that he did not tell her before.

Over at the Blue Tribe, Jon and Drew are showoffs and doing pushups and woodlifts. The girls are annoyed, but then it comes to find out that Jon lost the flint for their fire!!!!

REWARD CHALLENGE: The castaways arrive and Natalie sees that her sister was eliminated and she gets emotional. She said she never cries, so you have to feel for her. For the challenge, they will carry three balls through a maze and then roll the balls into a hole. First one to get all three done will win fishing gear for their tribe! The loser heads to Exile Island!

They rock-paper-scissors for it and the Orange Team wins and John picks himself to play (why???) and his girlfriend Julie goes against him. John is having some troubles since he is tall and is dropping his ball. Julie gets all three balls and John is still working and dropping the balls. She gets all three and wins and John is not happy, as he says he lost to a friend, but to a girl too! John heads to Exile Island and Julie picks Jeremy from her tribe to join him.

Before they head out with their fishing gear, Reed asks Jeff if they can barter for some flint. He said they’ll take the fishing gear, but trade their beans for flint. Jeff is not happy and they waited to see if they won before making the offer. He said they can get flint, but no fishing gear. They say no, but he says if they try later the payment will be even higher! They decide to take the flint now and lose out on the fishing gear, which is going to hurt Jon if they do lose this week and head to Tribal Council.

Back at camp, the Blue Tribe comes back and happy Julie won flint for them. Natalie is still upset about her sister being voted off and her tribe is supporting her, but will this put a fire under her to win? Over at the Orange Tribe, we see them talking about John and Dale thinks he got exiled from baseball for making some racist comments. Josh said he thinks this could be a bigger reason to work with John and he is an asset.

At Exile Island, John and Jeremy arrive and he knows John made some racist comments. They draw their urns and Jeremy gets the clue and shares it with John. He wants to show he is working with him and he will keep his wife safe, but will he?

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: Jason and John return and for today’s challenge, they will square off one-on-one sumo style and try to knock the other person into the water. The first tribe to five wins. Blue Tribe has too many, so Julie sits out.

ROUND 1 – Jaclyn against Kelley and Jaclyn wins, so 1-0 lead for Orange Tribe

ROUND 2 – Drew against Alec and battle of the brothers. Big brother (Alec) wins and tied 1-1

ROUND 3 – Jeremy against Wes and Wes wins, so 2-1 lead for Orange Tribe

ROUND 4 – Natalie against Val and Natalie wins, so tied 2-2

ROUND 5 – John against Jon and Jon wins and a 3-2 lead for Blue Tribe and John got a cut on his nose

ROUND 6 – Mother versus daughter with Missy against Baylor. Baylor gets hit and splits her lip and stops and her mother is concerned. She said to continue and then knocks her Mom in, who didn’t even try. Tied 3-3 again.

ROUND 7 – Another loved ones battle and Reed against Josh and Reed wins, so a 4-3 lead for Blue Tribe

ROUND 8 – Battle of the old guys, as Dale takes on Keith. It was a good one, but Dale won and all tied up for the final match!

FINAL ROUND – Rematch of first match, as we have Jaclyn and Kelley again. Jaclyn wins and wins immunity for the Blue Tribe again and Orange Tribe headed to Tribal Council again!

Coyopa Tribe (Orange) is back at camp and Dale is proud of his daughter for winning, but upset she beat his tribe. Val is talking to Jaclyn and John and she asks about the clue and John said Jeremy got it, but shared it. John goes looking for it and he finds it! No one else is with him….why???

John talks with Josh and Wes and they decide to go with three votes for Val and three votes for Baylor and Val plays her idol. However, Val has no idol and she said her and Jaclyn will vote out Baylor and they are safe. John shares with Val and she is happy, but Josh sees Val and John talking and he wonders and now not sure how his vote will go.

TRIBAL COUNCIL: Josh said they have to change things up and become a stronger tribe. Val and Jaclyn call out Baylor for playing both sides and it gets ugly. They then say Val has two idols and to vote her to flush one out. Clearly Val and Baylor do not like each other, but here comes the vote! Jeff tallies the votes and no one plays an idol, so here we go!

VOTES: Val, Baylor, Val, Baylor, Val, Baylor, Baylor and Val. Tie vote and they will vote again for either of them and Val and Baylor will not vote!

REVOTE: Baylor, Val, Val, Val and Val and the second person eliminated on Survivor 2014 is Val! I guess the lies hurt her!

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