It looks like tonight on Survivor 2014 Season 29 will be a show about John Rocker and his controversial past that featured him making racist and homophobic comments in an interview while a pitcher on the Atlanta Braves. I am definitely a believer in the fact that people can change and those statements were made in 1999 and it is now 2014, but I don’t believe that is the case with John Rocker and that can be seen tonight on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014! He is an angry man and it shows. Check out a sneak peek at Survivor 2014 tonight below in our Survivor 2014 Season 29 spoilers!

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Survivor 2014 San Juan del Sur Spoilers - Week 2 Preview 12

Last week on Survivor 2014 San Juan del Sur, the Coyopa Tribe was looking for their first win of the season, but the Hunahpu Tribe was not letting that happen. We saw Jon on Hunahpu lose their flint and they tried to bargain their beans for some more flint from Jeff Probst, but he was not happy with their tactics and made them give up their fishing gear in return! We saw John lose Exile Island and he was joined there by Jeremy. They made a deal to keep each other’s significant other safe. John did try and keep Val safe at Tribal Council, but her lies caught up with her and John voted against her in the revote and Val was eliminated!

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For tonight, Jeremy is not happy that John did not keep his word and vote outed his wife Val, so now he outs him to his tribe and wants him gone! Take a look at Survivor Season 29 for tonight with a sneak peek here:

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Now check out a sneak peek video for tonight on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014 here:

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