With a big blindside last week on Survivor 2014 Season 29, it looks like the castaways on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014 are heading back to camp and not sure where things truly stand. Jon thinks him and Jaclyn have it made at camp, but that could change tonight! No one is safe in this game (and buying someone’s trust is not done with giving them your reward, which we see again tonight on Survivor Season 29)! Check out a sneak peek at Week 10 below in our Survivor 2014 Season 29 spoilers!

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Survivor 2014 Season 29 Spoilers - Week 9 Preview 14

Last week on Survivor Blood vs Water 2014, the castaways had some drama going on. First, there was a reward challenge and half of them won a ride on a yacht and some drinks and food to go with it. To kiss some butt, Jeremy and Natalie gave their reward to Jon & Jaclyn for keeping them safe the week before. Jeremy was then voted to Exile Island, where he did not find the Hidden Immunity Idol and knew Jon must have gotten and not told him! He questioned Jon on it, which made Jon not want him around and how Jeremy could use this against him. I guess Jon and Jaclyn are calling the shots, as they said vote out Jeremy and everyone listened and Jeremy headed to the jury!

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For tonight, the guys are celebrating the elimination of Jeremy last week, but where do things stand for Reed now and which way should he be going??? Take a look at Survivor Season 29 for tonight with a sneak peek here:

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Now check out a sneak peek video for tonight on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014 here:

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