After a season of blindsides on Survivor 2014 Cagayan and some very intense Tribal Councils the past couple weeks, we have arrived at the Survivor Season 28 finale and time to find out who won Survivor Season 28! We have four castaways remaining and it looks like we could have three Tribal Councils tonight, so a Final 2 for the jury? All gets determined tonight in the two-hour season finale of Survivor Season 28. So, who wins Survivor Cagayan 2014 tonight? Check out our Survivor 2014 Cagayan spoilers below for our finale predictions!

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Survivor Cagayan 2014 Spoilers - Finale Predictions

Last week on Survivor Season 28, we saw Tony getting more and more cocky as we approach the finale. In all honesty, if he makes it to the final Tribal Council, there is no doubt that he will win. He has played a smart game, with some luck in there at times, and he has made big moves and still kept his alliance by his side, even when he screwed them over. Kass has had enough of him and Chaos Kass was back, especially after Spencer won immunity and the alliance had to go after each other. In the end, Trish was voted off Survivor 28 after all the votes went her way, including from Tony!

To be completely honest, I have no clue how this one is going to end up and no clue how many will be in the final. If it is two, that is huge and could throw a big wrench into the plans of these castaways. I am going to go out on a limb and say that Spencer wins tonight on Survivor Season 28. He has been a beast at the Immunity Challenges and I think he will carry that on to the final Tribal Council. No one likes Kass, so I think he takes her to the finale and it is Brains vs. Brains and he takes home the $1 million!

Who do you think wins Survivor 2014 tonight?

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