The remaining castaways on Survivor 2014 Cagayan will all be fighting for a spot in the Survivor Season 28 finale next week, but it looks like Tony has a definite spot with his two idols in his bag of tricks, correct? You never know, especially with all the twists, turns and blindsides on Survivor Cagayan 2014! It is anyone’s guess as to who got eliminated tonight on Survivor 2014! Check it out with us tonight during our Survivor 2014 Cagayan Recap and see who got voted off Survivor 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor Cagayan 2014, we saw Kass, Woo and Spencer win the Reward Challenge and have some alone time together. Kass was not happy with Tony for going against the alliance for the second time this season. She was fooled for the second time and was not going to let it happen again. She seemed to be on board with Spencer and they convinced Woo that getting rid of Tony was a smart choice. Spencer and Tasha thought they might make it through another Tribal Council even though they have been down numbers for weeks! However, Kass and Woo decided it could be a good thing to keep Tony around for the final vote and no one likes him nor would they give him the money! Instead, Tasha was voted out as the bigger threat for being a Challenge Queen!

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Here we go…they get back to camp and Spencer asks Woo and Kass why they agreed to a Final 3 and then lied about it. Tony is sitting back and loving it, as they are sticking with him and he says it is loyalty. So, I guess that loyalty is gone tonight on Survivor 2014!

We have arrived on Day 34 of Survivor 2014 Cagayan. Woo is out on the canoe with Tony and he tells Tony about their plans with Final 3 and Spencer. Woo said Kass was fully on board with this one and now Tony hates that he will have to blindside Woo eventually because he can’t take him to the end.

Reward Challenge: they will be diving in a pit of mud and cover their body with it. They will run back and get all the mud in their bucket. They cannot carry any mud whatsoever. The person with the most mud after ten minutes will win comfort food: pizza delivered to them at camp!

They head out and as dirty as this looks, how fun does it look too??? Kass is moving slow, but she is dunking it all in there and getting her hair in there big time. Tony, Woo and Spencer are moving quickly and seem to be ahead of the ladies. As time runs out, it is obvious. Tony’s bucket is filled and falling over the edge. No one else is close, so he is the winner of this challenge! For winning, he gets to choose one person to join him. He picks Trish and said it is on need only, but Woo and Kass will be questioning this move!

The castaways come back and all muddy. Kass is glad that Tony picked Trish for the reward and it solidifies that they are together and no one should have that much power. Spencer said the pizza is like this game and he is winning everything and taking Trish along for the ride. Meanwhile, Tony and Trish enjoy their pizza. He is lying about the idols and saying he can use one by five and one by four. They want to take Kass along for the Final 3 because they can beat her over Woo.

Tony talks with Kass and said he will take Kass to the Final 3 with Trish. He said Woo told him everything about Kass wanting to blindside him. He shook her hand on his wife and baby for Final 3. Then it gets funny at camp, as Kass tells Woo that Tony told him everything and he said he didn’t. Then Kass confronts Tony about it and Chaos Kass is back! Tony calls her out for telling their secret, but it is so true. She said they can’t talk to anyone, but Tony can talk to everyone. Tony is livid and said she sealed her fate tonight.

Kass is not stopping, as she is trying to get Spencer and Woo riled up. She knows the smart thing is to take out Tony, but she thinks she can beat him in the end. Now Woo is contemplating because Tony promised Kass on his wife and baby and he did not do that with him. Now it is up to Woo and which side he is going with. Kass said take out Trish and you take out Tony’s second-hand. Spencer is happy and knows there are some cracks he could possibly work with, but immunity is key for them all tonight on Survivor 2014 Cagayan. I so hope Spencer wins to mess with their immunity.

Immunity Challenge: the castaways will work their way through a series of puzzles and ladder-building challenges. The first one done with the final puzzle will win immunity and a spot in the Final 4! Tony is the first one done and gets key to work on ladder rungs. Trish and Kass follow. Spencer is next and finally Woo gets first step done.

They are all working on the first ladder. Tony got a little behind, but then glides through it and he is up to the steps now. Spencer gets the ladder done and is working on the planks. Tony gets the planks done and working on the final puzzle. Please tell me he doesn’t win this! Woo and Kass get their ladder finished and Trish is pretty much out of it. Spencer gets the planks finished and is now working on the puzzle! Tony is sliding pieces all over and going crazy, but Spencer is sitting back and examining it. The slow approach worked and I just did a fist pump! It was a massive comeback and Spencer wins immunity and Tony is stuck doing the puzzle and flinging pieces does not help. Kass, you might be in trouble now and the bag of tricks comes out!

The castaways on Survivor Cagayan 2014 are back at camp and Spencer knew he had to win and now he has immunity and knows the other four will now turn on each other. And is starts right away, as Trish starts in on Kass for what she said earlier about taking her out. It never ends and she continues yelling and Tony takes her for a walk to calm her down and Woo joins in. Kass knows she may be in trouble with this all.

Woo questions Tony and swearing on his wife and kid. Tony is scrambling all over the place and why do any of these people believe him? Tony said Kass is a horrible person in Survivor, but only because she is trying to go after him. Woo, Tony and Kass make a Final 3 alliance and he swears on his family and everyone again. Woo thinks Tony will pick Trish over him, so he has to make a big move.

Back at camp, Woo comes to Kass and said he is voting out Trish. He talks with Kass and Spencer and Tony is lurking in the woods. He now talks with Woo to see where things are at. This is all a mess and it comes down to what Woo votes!

Tribal Council: Kass said Trish confronted her after the Immunity Challenge. Trish said Kass has been playing all sides and plays the victim. Spencer said him winning immunity sped up the process of this happening and them going after against each other. Woo said Kass is back with the Brains. Kass said Tony was caught saying he had a Final 3 with both Kass and Woo. They are all going crazy and it is funny. Tony said tonight’s vote is going to be emotional and it is going to be a game move and he brings out both idols! So, will he use the second idol on Trish??? Time for the vote! Jeff Probst tallies the votes and Tony uses the idol on himself!

Votes: Trish, Kass, Trish and Trish! Tony is pissed and Kass is beyond excited. Trish says good luck and Kass flips her off! This is going to get interesting because Tony is out of idols and could be gone next. I could handle a Kass, Woo and Spencer Final 3!

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