This should be an interesting episode of Survivor 2014 Cagayan tonight, as the castaways on Survivor Season 28 will be taking a harder look at their alliances and we might see fight between Tony and Kass to see who will come out on top for Survivor Cagayan 2014! This is going to be fun to watch it all play out and find out who got eliminated tonight on Survivor 2014! Check it out with us tonight during our Survivor 2014 Cagayan Recap and see who got voted off Survivor 2014 tonight!

Survivor 2014 Cagayan Spoilers - Week 11 Preview 6

Last week on Survivor Cagayan 2014, the castaways took part in the Survivor Auction and they were all excited to get some food in their bellies. Well, all of them except Tony, Spencer and Tasha, who came to the auction knowing there would be some kind of clue up for grabs. They all held out and in the luck of the draw of rocks, Tony got the advantage, which was a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol that he found! Meanwhile, the majority alliance (Tony, Trish, Kass, Woo and Jefra) have had the game in control, but they always seem to vote one of themselves off! Tony was paranoid about Jefra, so he wanted her gone and gone she went!

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Here we go…the castaways come back to camp from Tribal Council last week and Kass is pissed about the blindside! She says anyone that crosses Tony will get voted off. Kass said she knows what is going on and shame on her for getting fooled again. Kass calls him out for being condescending. He is trying to cover his tracks now, but she said she is done with him now!

The next day arrives and Spencer is talking with Woo and Tony and he is getting to know Tony more and likes him, but knows he is lying all the time and is very dangerous. Kass is still in bed, but awake, and she can hear Tony talking about her. Her, Tasha and Trish hear it all, but it is heard wrong. Spencer knows the truth and Tony was not speaking bad about Kass, but not going to fix this error at all and let them go at each other!

Tony is not going to let this one die, so he wants to squash it and get Kass back on his side and keep the numbers. He tries to squash it, but she is not having it and he gets more riled with it. Tony said she is acting like a four-year-old, but she says she is calm and he is the one calling a tantrum. He said she writes her name down and she will go home! He announces that he has the Special Idol, but she does not believe him and asks to see it. He won’t show it and he is losing his mind on Survivor Cagayan 2014!

Reward Challenge: the castaways will be split into teams of three. They will throw sandbags to knock down the board. Once it is totally demolished, they will switch and one member from each team will try to build the wall back up correctly. The winning team gets to go to a local school and bring supplies and food for them, which is nourishment for the soul! The teams are Orange Team (Tasha, Tony and Trish) and Purple Team (Kass, Spencer and Woo).

They get started and the Purple Team knocks it down first, so they have a little lead because they have two blocks on the table still. However, they are not in any order. Tasha is working for Orange Team and Spencer for Purple Team. Tasha is taking a big lead and Spencer is freaking out, but is it correct? Spencer and Kass are working well together and Spencer has come back big time and took it home for the Purple Team! Spencer, Kass and Woo will go on the reward and Tony will sit at camp paranoid!

Now a chance for Woo, Kass and Spencer to head to the school and give out the supplies to the kids. It is cool to see and see how excited that the kids are to get the gifts. Spencer said he hates kids, but he actually enjoyed it! Woo does some martial arts and entertains the kids, which is so fun to see. This is his element and Kass likes him a lot more now!

Now back to the game on Survivor Cagayan 2014, as Kass brings up them all working together. They need to flush out the idol, so they will vote two for Trish, two for Tasha and two for Tony, so if he does have the idol then it will be gone. The problem: Woo is not able to be read and is very calm and awkward with it. He knows it is an individual game, but they talk about a Final 3 alliance.

On the way back to camp, Woo did say he is in and Kass likes that and he isn’t knee-jerk. Will this alliance work though??? Spencer talks to Tasha about the plan, but she is wondering if they can trust Woo. Then Trish and Tony are talking and wondering if they got Woo, so they talk to him and Woo says they just talked about taking out Woo and he is lying to Tony! He thinks Woo is lying, after Tony never shuts up about it and thinks Woo could be making a power move!

Immunity Challenge: they will race out and count the number of items at six different stations. They will use those numbers to unlock a combination lock. If they are right, it opens and they break the tile and win immunity. If wrong, then they go back and count again!

The castaways head out and they all get some numbers and return. Kass tried to get all six numbers at one time, but she is wrong and heads back. They all come back and Tony, Spencer and Tasha try and no success and head back out. Then Woo and Trish try it and are wrong and head back out! After 25 minutes had elapsed and many failed attempts, we see Spencer get it right and he wins immunity on Survivor 2014 Cagayan tonight!

Back at camp on Survivor 2014 Cagayan and Tasha is bummed she did not win the challenge, but she is not done yet and there is still havoc to wreak! She talks with Spencer and Woo and they decide guys vote Tony and girls vote Trish. He thinks Tony is going to be livid with this move, but they want Tony to not know anything is going on in case he has the Special Idol. Tasha is playing it up like she is going home. Tony suspects this is weird and says he will play his idol tonight and he is not going home tonight. Now Kass is thinking and wondering if Tony will be the Russell of their season and make it to the finale, but never win the money. Now she talks to Woo and making this all crazy!

Tribal Council: Tasha said she is hoping that people see Tony is a threat. She said she is put up as the Queen of Immunity Challenges, but Tony is a bigger threat and his bag of tricks. Tony states their alliance is based on loyalty, which is funny to even hear. They talk about flushing out his idol and Jeff Probst says tonight would be the night to flush it. Tony said he is hoping the four stick together and Tasha goes home tonight on Survivor 2014 Cagayan. Kass said she thinks tonight might be a blindside. The votes are made and Jeff tallies them and no idol played by Tony….yet!

Votes: Tasha, Tony, Trish, Tasha and Tasha! Yup, all talk and they stick with Tony, yet again!!! Spencer is livid and Kass and Woo are just stupid!

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