The traditions continues tonight on Survivor 2014 Cagayan, as the remaining castaways on Survivor Season 28 will take part in the Survivor Auction! Jeff Probst will have items for the castaways to bid on, but they will want to be smart with their purchases! Maybe they could be buying a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol on Survivor Cagayan 2014, something Tasha and Spencer need desperately! Check it out with us tonight during our Survivor 2014 Cagayan Recap and see who got voted off Survivor 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor Season 28, we saw Tony trying to cover his tracks after voting against the alliance the week before and voted out LJ. He somehow was able to do it, but then had to worry about Jefra, who won the Reward Challenge with Spencer, Tasha and Jeremiah. They had some alone time with her and talked her into voting with them and getting rid of Tony. That all changed when she rejoined her alliance and they talked her back into voting with them. At Tribal Council, Spencer tried to make a big move and used his Hidden Immunity Idol on himself, thinking they would vote him out. However, they put their votes to Jeremiah and the idol was used for no reason and Jeremiah was voted off Survivor 2014 last week!

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Find out in our Survivor 2014 Cagayan Recap starting soon and see who got voted off tonight, but check out our predictions in the meantime!


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Here we go…we start with the castaways heading back to camp after Tribal Council from last week. Kass said she knew Spencer had the idol and told her alliance to not vote for him, so she was correct.

The next day arrives and they get Tree Mail, which are wallets for the Survivor Auction tonight and everyone is so excited to finally get some good food. Tony knows an advantage comes with it normally and he is going to be waiting to hear it and make sure Tasha or Spencer don’t get it!

Survivor Auction Time: the castaways head to meet Jeff Probst and they each have $500 and bid in $20 increments and cannot share money.

Item 1 – Popcorn, candy and pop. Trish gets it for $80.

Item 2 – Secret item, which Jefra gets for $100. She bought a quesadilla, guacamole, salsa and a margarita!

Item 3 – Secret item, which Kass gets for $20. He gives her the option of trading it in and she keeps it, which is a steak sandwich and iced tea! We don’t know what she turned down on Survivor Cagayan 2014!

Item 4 – Secret item (the item Kass turned down), which Trish buys for $60. It is a bowl of rice and a glass of water.

Item 5 – Ribs and a cold beer, which Woo gets for $40! Tasha, Spencer and Tony are not bidding and holding out for that advantage!

Item 6 – Jeff asks what they are all waiting for and they say the advantage. He brings it out and said they all can get in and will draw rocks with whoever bids. Tony and Spencer bid, but Tasha is out. Spencer and Tony pay the $500 and draw rocks. Tony gets the advantage (big shocker) and Spencer gets the white rock! The brains fell out of Tasha, as the auction is done and she leaves with nothing!

Back at camp and Spencer knows he needed that advantage and is devastated that he did not get that. Kass is glad that Tony is the martyr of the team and she has done enough and got to get food. Meanwhile, Tony’s alliance is sitting and letting the food settle in and he is not happy. He is starving and walks away to read his clue, which is a clue to another Hidden Immunity Idol. He starts looking for it.

Back at camp, Tasha knows that her and Spencer are on the bottom. She wants to spark some worry in Tony and think that the women are sticking together. It works, as Tony is worried. Now Spencer is working Tony on the beach and saying that Jefra was with them the other day for voting out Tony. He wants that fake girls alliance to worry Tony and breakup that majority alliance!  Tony doesn’t trust him completely, but he has to investigate it.

The women are still sitting in the water and Kass is feeling calm and no matter what, Spencer or Tasha will be going home. Tony wants to cook a crab, but the women do not move. He is ticked and thinks they could be working together, so he heads out to get that Hidden Immunity Idol and he finds the tree and find the idol, so now he has the Special Idol and this one, which he shows everyone in his alliance that he has it and will use it for anyone, but he really wants them all to know he has it and not to blindside him!

Immunity Challenge: they will race to dig up bags in the sand. They will collect all five bags and remove the balls. They will then work the five balls through a table maze. First one done wins immunity on Survivor 2014 Cagayan!

Tony and Woo get the bags first and start untying and Trish can’t even find the rope! Tasha gets all five balls first and starts the maze! Everyone else is untying the bags and getting the balls. Tony starts the maze and Tasha already has two done! She now has three balls and Tony has one and Woo has two. Spencer lands his first one, but then Woo speeds it up and ties Tasha! Tasha gets her fourth is working on the final one and Woo is right there with her, but Tasha gets the final ball in place and Tasha wins immunity and she is a beast at these challenges!!!

Back at camp and Tasha is trying to keep Tony worried about an all-girl alliance. The plan was to get rid of Tasha, but she won immunity and now Plan B was Spencer. The majority alliance knows it is what needs to be done, but Tony is worried about the numbers and the girls would be 4 to 2. He talks to Woo and said they need to vote out Jefra, which he does and then convinces Tony and he tells Tasha and he thinks they have new life. Spencer looks for the idol, which gets Tony paranoid and now he does not know which way to vote! It could be Jefra, but I think they stick together and Spencer is gone!

Tribal Council: Tony said that Spencer tried to convince him that Jefra tried to blindside him. To avoid that, he brings out the Hidden Immunity Idol. Jefra said she was angry about LJ. Jeff said this chaos can help Spencer. He tries to make a move and tells them to not get comfortable, but it is a tossup. Time for the vote on Survivor Season 28. Jeff tallies the votes and Tony does not play his idol!

Votes: Spencer, Jefra, Spencer, Jefra, Spencer, Jefra and Jefra! Another blindside and Tony is a smart player. He looks to the future. As much as he annoys me, he is making the right moves and Kass and Trish are shocked! Kass is not looking happy now and that makes me smile!

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