To be honest, I am very excited to see how Survivor 2014 Cagayan plays out tonight during the Survivor Season 28 Finale. The season has had some amazing Tribal Councils and some blindsides no one saw coming, which has led to the final four castaways on Survivor Cagayan 2014 tonight. I think the fun will continue tonight during the Survivor 2014 Finale. Who will be named the winner of Survivor Season 28? Find out during our Survivor 2014 Cagayan Recap and see who won Survivor 2014 tonight with us!

Survivor 2014 Cagayan Spoilers - Finale Preview 8

Last week on Survivor Season 28, we saw Tony getting more and more cocky as we approach the finale. In all honesty, if he makes it to the final Tribal Council, there is no doubt that he will win. He has played a smart game, with some luck in there at times, and he has made big moves and still kept his alliance by his side, even when he screwed them over. Kass has had enough of him and Chaos Kass was back, especially after Spencer won immunity and the alliance had to go after each other. In the end, Trish was voted off Survivor 28 after all the votes went her way, including from Tony!

While we wait for the finale to start, check out our predictions from earlier today and stay tuned to this page for our Live Recap starting as soon as the show begins!


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Here we go…we will have Jeff Probst live in the studio throughout the two-hour finale.

RECAP – A look back at the season and the journey to the finale tonight.

AFTER TRIBAL – Tony said it was strategic to vote out Trish. Tony claims the Special Idol is still in play and he is going to Final 3, but he is lying! Kass doesn’t know if he can still use it, but she was surprised.

CAMP – Kass and Tony talk and she said he made a mistake voting Trish out and people hated her. She said he was on a winning team all the way up to the merge. Boat comes in and it brings in food and loved ones!!! Tony is upset because it is his best friend and not his wife, who must not have been able to leave their four-month old baby. He gets emotional and it makes me actual like him! Tree mail comes and it looks like an Immunity Challenge will come today on Survivor 2014 Cagayan.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #1 – Loved ones are still present and will get to watch this challenge, which they will be perched on a pole and use a bucket to get water to pour into cylinder that raises a key. They get the key and will swim to shore and unlock the puzzle pieces. First one done with puzzle will win immunity and a spot in the Final 3 on Survivor 2014 Cagayan. Kass was way behind on this one and out of it, but she comes back and kicks butt on the puzzle and wins immunity!

CAMP – Kass is glad to have won and now she can send home Spencer. He talks with Tony and says it is a Final 2 since Jeff did not say it would be a chance to plead their case. He is pleading his case with Tony and said he is out if it goes to Final 2. Kass and Woo talk and she said she is voting out Spencer and not changing that. This one could end in a tie!

TRIBAL COUNCIL #2 – Tony wearing Special Idol like it still matters. Spencer is great at these and he has all three of them talking. Kass said she would take Woo over Tony if it went to Final 2 and now Tony is thinking! Jeff tallies the votes and Tony tells about the Special Idol and it’s powers, but he can’t use it.

VOTE #1 – Spencer, Woo, Spencer and Spencer! He tried, but Spencer has been voted off Survivor 2014 Cagayan tonight and so close to the finish! My favorite is now gone! Jeff said the Final 3 will compete in their final Immunity Challenge, so we do have a Final 2 this season!

AFTER TRIBAL #2 – They are not excited to be in Final 3, as they know now they have to fight for a spot in the Final 2 now. Kass thinks she has a spot in the Final 2 since both guys think they can beat her. It seems like Kass and Woo have an alliance to take each other, so if Tony doesn’t win then he is gone!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #2 – They will race through a maze of turnstiles. They will try and find four medallions. They find them and use them to unlock more puzzle pieces. They will build a wheel puzzle that has to be done perfectly in order to crank it and raise the flag. First one to do that wins immunity! It was almost another come-from-behind win for Kass, as Woo finishes this one a second in front of her and he wins immunity! With these three left, I will be rooting for him and he gets to decide who sits next to him at the final Tribal Council! Who would you take?

CAMP – Woo controls the destiny of both Tony and Kass, so time for them to try and get him to keep them over the other. He is torn between the two of them, but this is a tough call and he better send home Tony!

TRIBAL COUNCIL #3 – Of course, this is leading us no where! No matter what is said here, it all depends on how Woo votes and what his final decision is. Woo asks Jeff to vote and not discuss things or hear from Tony or Kass! Here we go!

VOTE – The castaways voted off tonight is Kass!!! He is beyond stupid and just handed over the game to Tony. I know he is sticking with the loyalty card, but he just screwed himself over!!! Woo and Tony shake hands and hug to celebrate and a kiss on the cheek from Tony to Woo???

AFTER TRIBAL – The guys are back at camp and Woo thinks this is a big power move he made tonight, but by sending Kass home? I think sending Tony home was the bigger power move.

CAMP – They get tree mail and have a ton of food and champagne and orange juice and they are scarfing it down. There is a clue in the basket, which Tony finds and hides from Woo. It says another surprise at the back of camp, which is a mirror and scale. They both lost about 20 pounds.

FINAL TRIBAL COUNCIL – They both make their opening statements and Woo is sticking to the tae kwon do teachings and his mother’s heart attack as his inspiration to be a fighter. Time for the jury questions:

  • Sarah – she brings up the badge and swearing on it and doesn’t think she can write Tony’s name down.
  • Jefra – she said she is not bitter, but wants Tony to own his game and admit he was the villain.
  • Morgan – she wants to know how Tony got men to follow him without having breasts. She respects Tony taking a player that deserves to be here over taking a goat (Kass).
  • Jeremiah – he wants to know if Tony has a wife or kid for real and Tony confirms it, so Jeremiah said that is bull to swear on them and doesn’t want to hear anything more from him.
  • Tasha – she wants to know how Tony kept his alliance loyal when he lied to them all. She wants to know how Woo aligned with Tony, but he doesn’t really explain well.
  • LJ – he wants to know who they both really are. Tony said he was terrified of him and wanted him out quickly.
  • Kass – she said Woo didn’t make the move when he had the chance to win the $1 million. He thought bringing someone deserving would win points from the jury and she didn’t deserve to sit next to him. I guess there goes her vote for Woo.
  • Trish – she said none of the people in the jury trusted Tony, but they trusted her and she made them trust Tony. She reems Tony and said he swore on his father’s grave he would not betray her. She wants to know if it was worth it and he said yes.
  • Spencer – he said Tony was like his master and he played like a dog this season. Woo wanted the respect of taking someone deserving to go, but Spencer said he should have taken the goat. He then defends Tony’s game and speaks to the jury to vote for him!

Time for the vote!!! The jury is now voting for the winner of Survivor Cagayan 2014. Is there really any question on this one? We are back live in the United States and here come the results!

VOTES – Tony, Woo, Tony, Tony, Tony and Tony. The winner of Survivor Cagayan 2014 is Tony Vlachos and Woo threw the game away!

What do you think of the results on Survivor 2014 Cagayan tonight?

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