With only seven castaways left on Survivor 2013 (minus the three still fighting it out on Redemption Island), tonight could turn into a numbers game on Survivor Season 27, if the newbies play it right. It has been the season of the blindside on Survivor Blood vs Water, so why should tonight be any different, right? I am hoping for this to happen, as I would love to see Tyson knocked down from that pedestal. Check out a sneak peek at Week 11 on Survivor 27 below in our Survivor 2013 spoilers video!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Preview Week 11

Last week on Survivor 2013, it was a battle of having to write down your own Mom’s name or not for Ciera. Stick with her alliance and go further in the game by voting out her Mom or stick with the woman who gave her life? It was a battle she questioned in her head, but in the end wrote down her own Mom’s name and Laura headed back to Redemption Island.

Tonight it looks like members of the old Tadhana Tribe (the newbies) realize they have four castaways remaining to the three castaways from the old Galang Tribe (the veterans). They know Tyson is calling the shots, but can they stick together and blindside Tyson at Tribal Council, as he has the Hidden Immunity Idol in his bag??? I am so hoping it happens, but you just never know with these castaways!

Check out a sneak peek here of tonight’s dual at Redemption Island and then come back tonight for our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2013 tonight with us:

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