It appears we are in for some rare events tonight on Survivor 2013 Season 27, as the castaways end up in a tie vote and no one is breaking that tie on Survivor Blood vs Water! What does that mean? The castaways will draw a rock and the person that gets a certain color will be eliminated! This puts a new twist on it and everyone is fair game on Survivor Season 27! Check out the details in our Survivor 2013 Season 27 spoilers that follow!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Week 12 Preview

Last week on Survivor 2013, we saw some interesting events happen at the dual on Redemption Island. The three castaways (Vytas, Tina and Laura) competed in a challenge. Laura was first to complete it and then proceeded to help Tina complete it and take out Vytas. Not fair, but not illegal either. These castaways were clearly afraid of the brothers and took them out back-to-back and now both of them sit on the jury and probably are both very angry! At Tribal Council, Caleb and Hayden tried to lead a blindside of Tyson, but it backfired when Ciera told Tyson of the plan and then they went after Caleb, who was voted off!

Will Laura and Tina work together again to take out Caleb??? He saw what happened last week on Survivor Season 27, so he might go in a little more prepared than Vytas was. And we have the tie vote at Tribal Council, so things are going to get real interesting tonight! Check out a preview of tonight’s episode and then come back tonight for our recap:

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