Things are going to get interesting tonight on Survivor 2013 Season 27, as the castaways not only face two Tribal Councils on Survivor Blood vs Water, but they also have the dreaded food challenge to face for the Immunity Challenge! So, who wants to eat some worms or bugs in order to be safe this week on Survivor 2013? They look absolutely disgusting, but in order to be safe for that vote, I think I could do it! Two Tribal Councils will bring out some major drama with these castaways, so watch with us during our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2013 tonight!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Week 9

Last week on Survivor 27, the merge finally happened! Before it could happen, we had to see the final dual at Redemption Island, or so we thought. John, Laura M. and Laura B. all took on the final dual and Laura M. as the victor and won the chance of rejoining the other castaways in the newly merged tribe. This has been the year of the blindside on Survivor Season 27, so again it happened at Tribal Council. Vytas and Aras were glad to finally be competing together, but their tribe members did not want to see them together, so they voted off Aras after Vytas won immunity! Aras headed to Redemption Island!

Watch it all go down with us tonight in our recap starting soon and see the drama unfold with us!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap or see who who went home on Survivor 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we see the castaways arriving back from Tribal Council last week and Vytas congratulates them on the move they made and he said it is the game. He does say that vengeance he will get. Tina than speaks up and says that Tyson and Monica lost five jury votes. They call her out and say that Aras was flipping on everyone and in an alliance with everyone.

The next day Katie and Tina talk and she said to try to get in her own alliance and Tina put a huge target on her back, so now she needs to sell herself to stay in the game.

Immunity Challenge: we are getting right to it, as the castaways head to meet Jeff Probst and it is the Food Eating Competition to get down local delicacies. They will compete in rounds and the last person standing wins immunity.

Round 1: Tyson, Vytas, Monica, Katie and Laura and three will move on. They have 40 worm-type things and look disgusting! Tyson and Monica are done and Vytas spits out a bunch, but picks them up and still finishes third and moves on!

Round 2: Hayden, Gervase, Tina, Caleb and Ciera. They are eating the same thing and first three move on. Ciera is spitting them up and she gives up. Hayden, Gervase and Caleb move on.

Round 3: It is three ounces of pig intestines and two of them will move on to the final round. Tyson could not hold it down and spits up a bunch of it onto his plate! Monica is the only woman in the competition and she gets it down first and she moves on! Gervase gets it down and he moves on to the final!

Final Round: they will each be eating two grubs, which are the same thing Gervase refused to eat during Season 1! Gervase tries to take them both down at the same time and Monica does one at a time. Monica gets it down first and she wins immunity!

Back at camp on Survivor 2013 Season 27 and the castaways are talking and Laura said to split the votes between them and four votes for Vytas and three votes for Katie, in case any of them have the Hidden Immunity Idol. Tyson has the idol, but he is keeping it quiet from everyone. Hayden talks with Vytas and he tells him that it will be Vytas or Katie going home, so Vytas said he will be writing down Katie’s name. Monica sees some scrambling going on and she thinks it was her going home tonight. She is so paranoid and needs to learn to shut her damn mouth!

Vytas talks to Tyson and brings up some valid points, as to splitting up a pair and send Katie home or maybe they could form an all-girl alliance, so Tyson is worried and brings it up to the other alliance members. He is being careful and not trying to call the shots.

Tribal Council: Vytas brings up Monica and how she is a doormat and will do whatever people say. He is calling her out, but she has immunity, so focus on someone else! Vytas than said the girls could form an alliance and that Gervase and Tyson have all the power and they need to go after him. Time for the vote on Survivor 2013! No idol is played!

Votes: Vytas, Katie, Tyson, Vytas, Vytas, Vytas and Vytas, so Vytas is voted off Survivor Season 27 tonight and joins his brother on Redemption Island!

Back at camp and Monica said that she wrote down Vytas’ name because of how he attacked her at Tribal Council, even though she was supposed to write Katie’s name down. Gervase is not happy with her, so we could see Monica out next.

We check out the brothers on Redemption Island and Vytas is angry with Aras and thinks they are there because of Aras. They have some tension over there, but Aras is happy and Vytas is pissed!

Immunity Challenge: they will put a sword on a shield. They will then stack coins on the top of the sword. When the coins fall, they are out. The last one standing wins immunity for tonight on Survivor Season 27.

It is early on and Ciera is already getting the shaky hands. Monica then drops her coin, so she is out! Shortly after her, Ciera drops her coin and she is out. Stay focused people!!! They continue on and Tina drops a coin and she is out! Gervase and Laura are out, so it is down Caleb, Hayden, Tyson and Katie.

Caleb drops his coins and he is out! Katie has some major focus and her stack seems pretty solid. The guys have some wobbly stacks and the wind picks up! Tyson drops and Hayden drops, so Katie wins immunity, but does that mean her Mom is headed home???

We are back at camp and Tina is determined to find the Hidden Immunity Idol. Tyson then tells them that they need to follow her around all day. Tina heads out and Tyson, Hayden and Caleb follow her, but lose her! They eventually find her and stick with her. Monica is worried about Tina finding the idol and splitting the vote, but who gets the vote? Even if Tina doesn’t find the idol, the castaways are thinking of maybe voting out Monica to get rid of her crazy, paranoid self!

Tribal Council: Tina said she had babysitters today, but she did get away a couple times, which has the other castaways nervous. Tina then said that Monica is on the bottom and every Tribal Council she is the last one told who to vote for because she talks too much. Gervase said they become a liability and he always wants to know where his hand is. Monica admits she is probably the bottom, so why not do something about it??? Time for the vote! No idol is played, but Tina messes with them and swishes through her bag.

Votes: Monica, Tina, Tyson, Tina, Tina, Tina and Tina. That means that Tina is voted off Survivor 2013 tonight!

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