Just when the castaways were getting comfy and cozy at their camps on Survivor 2013 Season 27, Jeff Probst went and switched tribes up on them last week on Survivor Season 27 and now it was time for new alliances to be formed and more blindsides to happen! Tribal Council has been nothing as expected on Survivor Blood vs Water and it will probably continue tonight, as brothers Aras and Vytas seem to be the main target, but do either of them know it? Follow along with tonight’s new episode during our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap and find out who got eliminated on Survivor 2013 tonight with us!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Week 7

Last week on Survivor Season 27, the castaways were trying to get used to their new camps and their new tribe members. Tina was loving the fact that she was now on the same tribe as her daughter Katie and I guess blood is thicker than water, huh? Did she throw the Immunity Challenge on purpose to make herself look bad and keep the target off Katie??? It didn’t matter though, as Kat put a target on her own back with trying to blindside Monica. It came to bite her in the butt, as her tribe voted her out at Tribal Council and she headed off to Redemption Island!

The merge will be coming soon on Survivor 2013 Season 27 and the castaways know it, so they are planning ahead. They don’t want the brothers to join forces at a merge, so both tribes know the brothers have to go this week, but will it pan out at Tribal Council? We’ll find out in our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap or see who who went home on Survivor 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we see Kat join John and Laura M. on Redemption Island and she is pissed her tribe voted her out, but she is more worried about Hayden breaking up with her because she didn’t make the merge. She said no tears this time, but the next day arrives and she is a crying mess! She doesn’t want him to be ashamed of her and it has been hard without him!

Redemption Island Time: we must have some good stuff coming up tonight on Survivor 2013, as we get right into it tonight! They come in and Kat wants a hug from Hayden right away and breaks down in tears and apologizes. Hayden said Kat is more important than this game, so Jeff tells him he can take her spot on Redemption Island and be the one fighting to stay alive in the game. He asks him if he wants to do it and dun, dun, dun….commercial break!

They talk it over and Hayden asks who will do better long term in the game and Kat knows she can’t do puzzles because she can’t even spell, but knows he can win before her, so she stays on Redemption Island and many tears!

For the dual, the castaways will untie a rope for a machete. They will use that to release a bag of puzzle pieces. They will then build a fire puzzle, which happens to be the same puzzle Cochran built for the final immunity when he won. John and Laura M. start strong and Kat has no pieces! Laura M. is using John as a guide. Kat finally gets some pieces together and makes a comeback. John finishes the puzzle very quickly and it is a close battle between Kat and Laura M., but then Laura pulls away and finishes, so Kat has been eliminated on Survivor 2013 Season 27 tonight!

John wins the dual again and gets to give out the clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol. He gives it to Monica, who thanks him for the kind gesture, but throws it in the fire! Will anyone, again, ever keep the clue??? And why does it seem like no one is searching for it?

Back at camp, Hayden is feeling guilty for not replacing her on Redemption Island and he is the one that helps her and he didn’t do it. I think they made a wise choice, but it still sucks for him. Everyone on Tadhana, except Aras, has lost their loved one this season. That clearly puts a target on his back!

Aras goes for a walk and meditates and while he does this, the other tribe members decide to form an alliance for the final five and they need to stick together. Tyson concocts the plan, which shocks Ciera, but she is game for it! Will they stick together though?

Over on Galang, Tina has come to like Vytas and she would be honored if he took an interest in Katie! She is ready for grand babies! He is not part of their alliance, but can this work for him. He knows women like a bad boy, but they like a newly reformed bad boy and he is trying to work those emotions with these ladies. Laura B. felt socially awkward and feels a lot better now and that is thanks to Vytas, but she is sticking with the girls.

Galang gets treemail and they know it is a physical challenge, so they start discussing who goes home if they lose. They know it will be Vytas, which gets Laura B. very emotional. Could that hurt her down the road?

Immunity Challenge Time: for this challenge, four members of each tribe will be shackled at the ankles. They will work their way their coils on each end and then work their way through an obstacle course while all still shackled. They will pick up bags of balls along the way and then create chains of balls and play some ladder golf. The first team to get three on the rungs wins immunity and a reward of a Southern feast, which includes fried chicken and corn on the cob.

It is a close race and everyone is tied with each other and blocking each other! They all get the bags and balls and Tyson and Tina start working on putting the chains together and start tossing. Tyson gets out to a 2-1 lead and then Tina ties it and it is down to this! Tyson gets the third chain on and Tadhana wins immunity tonight on Survivor 2013 Season 27 and the Galang Tribe is headed to Tribal Council again!

Tadhana gets their feast and are loving it. Hayden is loving the winning streak they are one after starting the season losing the first four Immunity Challenges.

The Galang Tribe gets back to camp and Laura B. comes right out and tells Vytas that they are voting him out tonight at Tribal Council! She wanted to be honest with him and let him know, but the other ladies are sitting back in shock! She made an executive decision and is hoping it shows her strength. The other women meet and shocked she did that and think maybe Laura B. should go home because they can’t trust her. Vytas is trying to work it with Katie and Tina to keep him over Laura B. It is between them two and Tribal Council and what is said will be huge!

Tribal Council Time: Laura B. said she told Vytas he was going home, but then Monica said if you are in an alliance then you should talk with them first. Vytas is playing the trustworthy card again, but I think it could hurt him this time. These ladies are thinking the merge and long-term and think he could win. Laura said she has felt like she has been in Rupert’s shadow and now she has broken out of that. Vytas said the vote should be on how they played these past 18 days and that simple. Time to cast their votes on Survivor 2013.

Jeff goes and tallies the votes and here are the results on Survivor Season 27 tonight: Vytas, Laura, Laura and Laura! The person voted out tonight on Survivor 2013 is Laura B.! You feel for her, because she looks so sad as he puts out her torch and Vytas has that smirk going on. I like him, but he has played these women big time and they don’t even know it. They had five women strong to one man and they were going to stick together. They now have three women to one man and he will be joining his brother very soon. Bad choice, ladies!

What do you think of the results tonight on Survivor 27?

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