The Tribal Councils on Survivor 2013 Season 27 are always hard to predict what will happen, as the producers always edit it a way to look like the castaways are considering going in two different directions on Survivor Blood vs Water. Well, we saw a blindside last week and it looks like another blindside will happen tonight on Survivor 2013, which sends a huge shift in the power for one of the tribes, according to host Jeff Probst! Which tribe? Find out during our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap and see who was eliminated on Survivor 2013 tonight with us!

Survivor 2013 Season 27 Spoilers - Week 4

What a week we saw on Survivor 27 last week, as not only did Colton quit the game, but we also saw Rachel lose at the Redemption Island challenge and two more castaways were headed home. As much as the Galang Tribe was happy to see Colton quit, I am sure they were not happy to lose the numbers. It didn’t matter, as they won their third straight Immunity Challenge and the Tadhana Tribe had to vote off another tribe member on Survivor 2013! Brad convinced his tribe that John was a threat and they needed to blindside, which worked.

Now we have John battling his wife Candice at Redemption Island, which should be interesting to see. They will be working together to stay on the island, but will Marissa be able to break them up and stay alive in the game? Find out in our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap or see who who went home on Survivor 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we see John join his wife Candice and Marissa on Redemption Island. She told him she knew he was going to be too trusting of people, which is a great quality, but not on Survivor 2013! It seems that Marissa and Candice have a strong bond together.

Meanwhile, over on Tadhana Tribe we have Brad speaking and saying with Survivor Season 27 it is about working with your loved ones and when the merge comes to have a united front, so John had no one on other tribe and he had to go home! Caleb is now feeling like a target.

Redemption Island Time: Candice said she was upset to see her husband come there and they were hoping it would be someone that her and Marissa could work together to get out, like Brad Culpepper! She is calling him out right away, huh? Candice said he shushes women and John tells everyone not to trust Brad.

For the challenge, they will move a key along a maze of ropes. The key will unlock the bag of puzzle pieces. The first two done with their puzzle stay alive and the last person is eliminated! The winner will win a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol to hand out. Marissa and John get out to an early lead, but Candice is falling behind! John is flying through this puzzle. Brad gives help to John on the puzzle, but why??? John finishes first and he is the winner and is safe! Candice started slow, but she is coming back strong and Marissa is getting flustered and falling behind! Candice is done and correct and the husband and wife live to see another day on Survivor Season 27!!! Marissa has been eliminated, which I think she could have been strong on her tribe if Gervase kept his mouth shut!

John and Candice talk and he gives the clue to Monica, Brad’s wife. It is a target on her back, so she walks to the fire and burns it!!! Smart move???

We get to see the lovebirds on Redemption Island and getting to hang out with just the two of them! Over on the Galang Tribe, Monica is struggling with seeing everyone go after her husband. She is trying to defend him, but she also doesn’t know how he is acting. She will be surprised if he makes it to the merge.

Over on Tadhana Tribe, it is time to trash talk Candice and Brad is surprised she came after him. Brad said he has been a target his whole life, so this is nothing new. Hayden talks with Caleb and Vytas and they think to keep Brad, because then the merge will keep them under the radar and Brad as a target and a girl must get voted off next on Survivor 2013!

Tyson hurt himself at the last Immunity Challenge, but it is feeling better. He is playing it up and trying to get some sympathy. Then him and Gervase sneak off and the coconut bandits are out there, as they are breaking apart coconuts and eating them! Laura B. and Monica find the eaten ones and blame them on the crabs, so cover is not blown!

Immunity Challenge Time: the tribes will paddle out to a series of crates. They will dive down and release all five crates, which will be used to build a staircase. Two of the tribe members must solve a puzzle to get a combination to release the key and the flag. The winning tribe will get tea and croissants or the winner can trade it for fishing gear! Tina and Kat sit out for Galang, even though Tyson is hurt!

Tadhana is out to an early lead and Galang is struggling with the paddling. They are both pulling up crate and Tadhana is keeping a one crate advantage, but then they nearly tip their boat! Monica and Brad have both been diving for the crates, so they are kicking butt. Tadhana then gets their last crate, but then drop two out of the boat! Galang gets all five crates and takes the lead!

Both tribes are building their staircases, which will spell “Blood vs water” when done. Tadhana gets done first and starts working on the puzzle. Both are working on the puzzle, as Ciera and Vytas for Tadhana and Tyson and Laura M. for Galang. Again, Laura takes her daughter down in the puzzle and they complete it first. They get the combination and it works, as the flag goes up and Galang wins immunity for the fourth straight time!!!

Tadhana Tribe is back at camp and Hayden is pissed they lost to a one-armed dude and three moms! Katie and Ciera are at camp with Brad and he tells them that it is Caleb getting voted off. The guys always talk after the challenge and the girls make rice, so it was weird for Brad to stay back. The other guys talk about voting out Ciera and Brad joins and agrees, but Caleb is worried with Brad coming in late.

Tribal Council Time: Brad said they lost twice on puzzles and both times they had a lead, but Ciera lost it for them. Brad said his dirty laundry is getting aired at Redemption Island and it is lies. He said it is better to maybe vote out someone without a loved one on the other tribe. Brad agrees and that shocks them and Caleb knows he could be on the chopping block now. Caleb throws it out there and said he is putting Brad’s name on there and the girls and other guys can do what they want! Caleb making some bold moves, unlike his fiance Colton! Brad said he is not writing Caleb’s name down, but everyone is in shock. What is going to happen???? Time for the vote on Survivor Season 27!

Time to tally the votes: Brad, Ciera, Ciera, Brad, Ciera and Brad! It is a tie and he must have convinced the girls. Brad and Ciera will not vote and the other four can only vote for one of them. Hayden is struggling and crossing out again and again! New votes: Brad, Ciera, Brad and Brad!!! Hayden did not switch because of all the scribbles, so it was Vytas who switched and Brad Culpepper is eliminated on Survivor Blood vs Water!

How about Redemption Island and Brad joining John and Candice on there???? Will Monica switch with him next week on Redemption Island? So, what do you think of the results tonight on Survivor 2013 Season 27?

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