It is Wednesday night and that means another episode of Survivor 2013 Season 27 and it looks like we are in for a dramatic episode tonight on Survivor 27. The tension is high and it looks like some of the castaways are reaching their boiling points, especially with their loved ones so close, yet so far from them! Does Colton quit Survivor 2013 tonight? That is the question on everyone’s mind and we will give you that answer during our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap! Also, find out who got eliminated on Survivor 2013 tonight with us!

Survivor 2013 Season 27 Spoilers - Week 3

Last week on Survivor Blood vs Water, we had out first elimination of the season. Thanks to Redemption Island, the person voted out at Tribal Council does not necessarily mean they are eliminated from the game. We had our first battle at Redemption Island on Survivor Season 27 and it featured Candice, Rupert and Marissa. When all was said and done, we saw Rupert eliminated as the first castaway sent home! How ironic is that?

Tonight brings us another battle at Redemption Island, but it might be one to set off Tyson, whose girlfriend (Rachel) was voted off by her tribe last week. Will he replace her on Redemption Island? And Colton has a breakdown and wants to quit the game! Will his running to his fiance be the end of his game or is it all a ploy and he stays? Check it out with us in our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap or see who who went home on Survivor 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we are on Day 7 of Survivor 2013 and the Galang Tribe is telling stories, but Colton wants to talk strategy and they shoot it down. He is feeling threatened on going home and talks with Aras, who tells him to relax.

Redemption Island time and all the castaways arrive and Tyson is pissed to not see Rachel! He thinks it is a wise move and Rachel said it is Brad lining up his game for the Tadhana Tribe. Rachel then says Tyson has a better chance on his tribe and tells him to stay there. He thens tells the other tribe to watch out and then it gets ugly. Marissa goes off on Brad and then Colton breaks down in tears and says he doesn’t want to be here!

Jeff Probst calls out Colton for wanting to quit a second time. He says he hates this tribe and he said he doesn’t want to be hated. Tina says they aren’t playing Colton’s game and that is why he is quitting. Jeff calls it a selfish move and he says he doesn’t care! Jeff says that people can love this game and should watch it from their couch and that includes Colton! He does quit and walks away!!!

Redemption Island Battle: they will stack tiles along a path and when done, they will knock them over like dominoes and release a ball which will break a tile. There are trick bars along the path that could wobble the path and they must start over. The last one down is eliminated! The first one down wins a clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol for anyone.

Candice knocks it out of the park again and is the first one down and is safe! She wins another clue, but will she give it to her husband again? Marissa and Rachel have both tried a couple times and failed. They are restacking and 45 minutes into the hot afternoon contest! They both get it going and then Rachel’s stops and Marissa’s keeps going and sets the ball free and breaks the tile and Marissa is safe and Rachel has been eliminated on Survivor 2013 Season 27 and we hear more shit-talking from Gervase.

Candice wins another clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol and she gives it to her husband John and tells him to do whatever he wants with it! Maybe this one will help him find it?

Back at the Galang Tribe on Survivor 2013 and Tyson said he needs to make it to the end now or he will regret not taking her place. Over at Tadhana Tribe and Brad is feeling worried about being a tyrant on the tribe and all the dirty laundry is being thrown out there at Redemption Island. John gets the second clue and decides to share it with Brad, since he likes him a lot and doesn’t want to seem shady about it all. He is worried about the others seeing them search for it and them being tight.

Immunity Challenge: they will square off one-on-one with padded bags and try to knock off their opponent. The first tribe to five points wins and gets a reward of comfort, which includes blankets and other things. They can keep it or take the fishing supplies. Monica sits out for Galang.

First up is Brad against Gervase. Gervase gets an early advantage, but then Brad comes back and knocks him off. Tadhana is up 1-0. It is then Laura against Katie and Laura wins and all tied up. It is then John against Aras and John wins, so Tadhana up 2-1. Now it is Ciera against Kat and in one push, Kat knocks down Ciera and all tied 2-2. Now it is Hayden against Tyson and Hayden knocks him right out, but Tyson popped his shoulder and can’t move it. Medical comes in and thinks it will get better, but can’t go again in this challenge!

Now it is mom against daughter with Tina against Katie. It was a tough battle and funny to watch, but Tina wins and it is tied 3-3! Now the brothers are up with Aras and Vytas taking on each other! Aras gives him a chance to get up and start fresh, but Vytas takes a cheap shot and it doesn’t pay off, as Aras comes back and knocks him off and Galang is up 4-3 now. It is now another mother-daughter matchup with Laura against Ciera. Well, Ciera lasted longer this time, but her mom still takes her down and Galang Tribe wins Immunity for the third straight time on Survior 27!

Back at the Tadhana Tribe and the guys are over the girls laughing at the challenges and if they want to win challenges then they need the guys to stick together. It looks like it will be Ciera, but then John goes out to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol and Brad figures out that John must go. He figures Candice will control him at the merge if she gets back in, so he wants to make a blindside and vote out John tonight!

They then talk to the girls and tell them the plan, but then he wants to be the one guy not to vote out John in case he stays and he can pull him back in. However, the tribe doesn’t like that and that sets off the others and now they want to vote out Brad! How is this going to go down at Tribal Council?

Tribal Council: Jeff is using the male strength as a focal point right now. He asks about the all-male alliance or just getting rid of the weak players, but then Vytas says it is a trust issue and the more they learn the more that helps make things clear. Brad then says you can’t always tell the truth and in the end it is only going to be one of them standing at the end. Time for the vote and Jeff goes to tally the votes. No Hidden Immunity Idol is played, so the votes are: Ciera, John, John, John and John! That means John has been blindsided and will head to Redemption Island, but have to compete against his own wife!

What do you think of the results tonight on Survivor 2013 Season 27?

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