We have the first elimination on Survivor 2013 Season 27 tonight, as the three castaways at Redemption Island on Survivor Blood vs Water take on each other with hopes of remaining alive this season! It is loved ones battling each other on Survivor 27, but when it comes to Redemption Island no one wants to see one of their loved ones go home. It will happen tonight, as all the castaways make their to see the three castaways compete and only two will survive. Watch with us during our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2013 tonight!

Survivor 2013 Season 27 Spoilers - Episode 2

We saw the castaways arrive last week on Survivor Season 27 and things got intense right away. The new tribes (Galang for the newbies and Tadhana for the returning players) had to vote off someone without any game play having happened! IN the end, we had Rupert, Candice and Marissa at Redemption Island.

They will compete tonight and only two will survive. Rupert was shown at camp being very lazy and conserving himself. He said he normally did everything at camp and then was tired at the challenges. Not this time around, but will it benefit him? He is no young chicken any more, so maybe he will need that rest?

We also get to see the real Colton arrive tonight, as a fake was introduced during the premiere. He was nice and crying and emotional over things, but the true diva comes out tonight and his tribe would be smart to get rid of him now! Watch it with us during our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap or see who got voted off Survivor 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we see Marissa join Rupert and Candice at Redemption Island. Yeah, she is pissed about being blindsided and Rupert is happy about not seeing his wife.

Over with the tribes, the Galang Tribe is giving a train massage and Colton is not having any of it and is over the yoga atmosphere. Miranda tells him to calm down. Colton tells Aras and Tina and Gervase and he said he doesn’t care about challenges and wants to go to Tribal Council, but they want to talk anything but game talk. Yeah, Colton is about to blow up!

Over on the Tadhana Tribe, Rachel knows the guys have an alliance going on, so she is playing it cool with them to keep herself in the game longer. Ciera thinks she has an alliance with John and is spreading it around. They get tree mail and they will all be heading to Redemption Island to see the battle!

Redemption Island Time: the tribes arrive and the emotions are running high. Marissa, Candice and Rupert arrive and Marissa is angry! She tells Gervase why she is there and his celebrating. Jeff then gives him the option of saving Marissa and joining Redemption Island and he tells her to take care of her business! The challenge is to hold a pole and grab a spool and take it through this maze and stack it on top. First two done win and stay on Redemption Island. The first one done gets a clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol and can give it to anyone!

Candice kicks some major butt on this one and Rupert is staying with her, but he knocks off the spools at 8!!! Candice finishes and she is safe and gets the clue. Marissa finishes next and Rupert can’t catch her, so Rupert is eliminated on Survivor 2013 Season 27! Does he regret saving his wife? Nope! He said this is a great game and loves the game, but he loves his wife more!

Candice now gets to give out the clue and she, of course, gives it to John, her husband! Candice and Marissa live to see another day and head back to Redemption Island.

Back at camp, Tadhana Tribe is talking and Vytas figures if Rachel goes then Tyson would save her, but John wants to keep her around for some backup. He know goes out in search of the Hidden Immunity Idol. The Galang Tribe is at camp and Laura is surprisingly okay with Rupert going home and now she doesn’t have to worry what he is doing and she is stronger than one.

Colton has no lost it and spreading lies to everyone and then Kat talks to him and he blows up. The tribe wants a peaceful camp and no one is having any of the drama from Colton. It is funny because they are totally overriding his drama. Why the bitterness Colton?

Day 5 arrives on Survivor 2013 and Colton feels their is some weirdness in the tribe. He talks to Monica about it and she tells him to decompress. The tribe talks and say that he is a bully and a gay Russell Hantz and they don’t want to deal with it. Colton tries to get people to go against each other and a new alliances forms because of it: Gervase, Tina, Aras, Laura and Tyson.

Immunity Challenge Time: three of them will tie themselves together and push another member in the barrel. They will stop at flags and pick up bags with balls in them. Once they get all the bags, then the remaining tribe members will do a skee-ball type event and get all six balls in the designated spot (which looks hard to do). Kat sits out for Galang because they have more members. Katie is in barrel for Tadhana and Laura in it for Galang. Reward is fishing gear for the winning tribe.

They get started and how hard would it be in those barrels? Galang is moving along nicely and Laura gets those bags very quickly! Tadhana is just a little behind them. They both get the last bag very close together and Tadhana gets to the finish first and they get the bags first!

The balls are all out and Hayden is throwing the balls for Tadhana. He gets three balls, but then Gervase gets three balls and all tied up! Gervase gets the fourth ball and then Hayden ties it up! Two balls to go. Gervase gets fifth ball and then sixth and now he can properly throw it in their faces and says it is for Marissa! We see a loss for Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss, but I don’t think it will affect him. He did good. What do you think? And Colton is stuck with his winning tribe and no one goes home from Galang, so I am sure he is mad!

Back at Tadhana, then the guys discuss who to vote out. Brad is pissed about Gervase celebrating and he wants a physical challenge and he can slam him down. Settle the rage Brad! They want to vote out Rachel because they think Tyson will save her at Redemption Island and then weaken the other tribe. They tell Rachel that Ciera is going, but everyone else knows Rachel is going. Ciera and Katie are worried about John having the idol and saving himself, so then Ciera goes home. He wants to be loyal to the five-guy alliance, so he will vote out Rachel even though he doesn’t want to. The guys are worried about John now and he could be a target and not sure where his alliances stand.

Tribal Council Time: talk of an all-guy alliance and John now being a target because of the idol clue. Time to vote and Jeff tallies the votes: John, John, Ciera, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel and Rachel and she is voted off tonight on Survivor 2013 Season 27 and is headed to Redemption Island!

What do you think of the vote? Do you think Tyson will save her next week?

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