We are in for some unchartered ground on Survivor 2013 Season 27, as the castaways are about to get all tied up at Tribal Council and no one is changing their votes, so rocks will be drawn to see who got eliminated on Survivor Blood vs Water tonight! This is going to be intense and I am just ready for the Tribal Council to take place tonight on Survivor Season 27. Can we skip all the stuff before and just show that??? Watch it with us during our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2013 tonight!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Week 12 Results

Last week on Survivor 2013, we saw some interesting events happen at the dual on Redemption Island. The three castaways (Vytas, Tina and Laura) competed in a challenge. Laura was first to complete it and then proceeded to help Tina complete it and take out Vytas. Not fair, but not illegal either. These castaways were clearly afraid of the brothers and took them out back-to-back and now both of them sit on the jury and probably are both very angry! At Tribal Council, Caleb and Hayden tried to lead a blindside of Tyson, but it backfired when Ciera told Tyson of the plan and then they went after Caleb, who was voted off!

The fun starts soon, so follow along with our recap below!


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Here we go…back at camp, Hayden calls out Tyson and said he would win if he makes it to the end. Gervase tries to make a scene, but it is all a game. Tyson is a little worried about being throw under the bus, but he meets with his alliance and they assure each other they are voting out Hayden next time!

Redemption Island: Caleb comes in and calls out Tyson and Gervase! He said a mans word means everything in the South, but I guess in Utah and Philly it doesn’t mean as much! The players will have 151 tiles to work with and must build a house of cards. The first two players to build it eight feet tall will survive. If they get to 30 minutes and no one there, then the two castaways with the highest house at that time will survive and the other castaway goes home!

They both struggle with it, but then at 24 minutes Laura has a huge tower and is close to the top (drop please)!!! Tina is next highest and then Caleb, but those two are not even close to her. Laura does get to the top and celebrates with her hairy armpits, so she is safe. They have three minutes left and Tina has a lead, but Caleb comes back strong and Tina is having pieces fall. With one minute left, Caleb has a lead over Tina and she is going no where, but he keeps trying to build and his stack falls over with under 30 seconds left!!!!! Tina sits there and takes second place as time runs out and Caleb has been eliminated!

Laura gets to hand out the clue and she gives it to Ciera, who actually keeps it this time….she makes a smart move knowing Tyson gave it up last week on Survivor 2013!

Back at camp, Ciera felt she needed to get the clue and she opens it as a group (Ciera, Tyson, Gervase and Monica) as they get water. It happens to be right by the water where they are looking, but Katie and Hayden get a clue of what they are doing and go spy on them. Now they are all looking for the idol and it is right by where Hayden is looking, but he misses it!!! Tyson heads out on his own to look for it and, of course, he finds it!!! Now Hayden must win immunity or he is out!

Hayden talks with Gervase and tries to get him to vote out Tyson. He wants a guarantee to have Ciera’s vote and Hayden says he can get it, which is probably not true!

Immunity Challenge: the castaways will race through a series of obstacles while holding a pole with a ball on it. After each obstacle, they will add a stick to their pole to make it harder. Once done, they get a key to unlock sand bags to knock down nine bamboo targets. If they drop a ball, they must go back to the start. The winner also gets a reward of ice cream for the afternoon!!!

We get started and Monica, yet again, is off to a quick start on this one. Monica is leading at the last session, but Gervase is right behind her and she has yet to drop a ball! Gervase and Monica have finished and neither dropped. Both are at key station and the sand bags released and here we go. Gervase is knocking them down quickly, but gets stuck on one! Tyson gets started and Monica is down to two, but Gervase knocks the last target down and he wins immunity for the week on Survivor 2013! He wins ice cream and gets to bring two people with him and he shares it with Monica and Tyson, so no shocker there.

Now we are back in camp and Gervase is feeling pretty confident, as his alliance with Monica and Tyson is strong and they have Ciera, so they are strong. While they enjoy ice cream, Hayden talks with Ciera and hopes to convince her to vote out Tyson and she needs a resume and she needs to make a big move to get to the finale. He said if Gervase or Ciera make this move, then they deserve to win this game. Hayden then talks with both Gervase and Ciera and tries to get them to make the big move, but they don’t seem to be backing down. Hayden then comes out and tells Tyson he is trying to blindside him and it is not working! This is going to be interesting as they head to Tribal Council and he said he is going to go in guns blazing!

Tribal Council: Hayden said Ciera, Monica and Gervase are being controlled by Tyson. Gervase said he is tight with Monica and Tyson for being original Galang Tribe members. Hayden is not backing down and I love it! Gervase said Hayden is going on the jury, so believe that…he should shut his mouth! While Gervase babbles, Hayden whispers Monica to Katie and Ciera. It all falls on Ciera this time and this is intense! Hayden says rustle feathers and Tyson says that is wrong and it is ruffle and we have awkwardness. Time for the vote and I have no clue. Gervase calls out his vote and speaks loudly and is such an ass!

Jeff Probst goes and tallies the votes and no Hidden Immunity Idol is played, so here we go! Votes: Hayden, Hayden, Monica, Monica, Hayden and Monica!!!! Ciera voted with them and Tyson asks what is she doing!!! I love this!

Time for a revote and Hayden and Monica do not vote and the others must vote for one of them. The jury is sitting back and loving this, as am I!!! Jeff tallies the votes: Monica, Hayden, Monica and Hayden. It is a deadlock!!! Ciera, Tyson, Gervase and Katie can talk to get a unanimous name and they don’t because Ciera knows she is number four and says draw rocks!

Hayden, Monica and Gervase are safe. Tyson, Katie and Ciera will draw rocks. Draw a white rock and you are out on Survivor 2013! They draw rocks and Katie gets the white rock and she is voted off and heads to Redemption Island. Tyson is furious and now Ciera will be gone next week!

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