If all goes well tonight on Survivor 2013 Season 27, we could all have something to be thankful for tomorrow during our Thanksgiving celebration: the castaways finally got smart and voted off Tyson on Survivor Blood vs Water! Now there is no guarantee of this happening, but it only makes sense and if the newbies can keep this plan to themselves, it could actually happen tonight on Survivor Season 27. It would be a perfect blindside, as Tyson walks to Redemption Island with the Hidden Immunity Idol in his hands! Watch and see what happens during our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap and find out who got eliminated on Survivor 2013 tonight with us!

Survivor Season 27 Spoilers - Week 11

Last week on Survivor 2013, it was a battle of having to write down your own Mom’s name or not for Ciera. Stick with her alliance and go further in the game by voting out her Mom or stick with the woman who gave her life? It was a battle she questioned in her head, but in the end wrote down her own Mom’s name and Laura headed back to Redemption Island.

Tonight the focus might shift to Tyson and the newbies (Ciera, Katie, Hayden and Caleb) realizing they have a 4 to 3 advantage over the veterans (Gervase, Monica and Tyson). They want him gone, but will they keep the plan quiet long enough for him not to use his Hidden Immunity Idol at Tribal Council???


Don’t want to know what happened on our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap or see who who went home on Survivor 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…the castaways get back to camp and Ciera is saying she is okay with her Mom getting voted off, but she thinks she has proven she is trustworthy. Tyson said it shows her loyalty, but now she is dangerous. Over on Redemption Island, we see Laura arrive and mess with them and call out Mom, so Tina thinks it is Katie! They discuss the castaways and wonder why no one is voting out Tyson, as are we!

Redemption Island Time: Laura said she is proud of Ciera and didn’t think it would be so soon, but she will come back. For today’s dual, they will move four colored cubes down this netted cage. They will then stack all four cubes so that no colors are repeating on any side. The first two done are safe and the last one is eliminated and joins the jury.

Vytas and Laura are moving fast on this one, but Tina is falling behind. Laura and Vytas have all four boxes and start the puzzle, but Tina just finishes her third. They all have the cubes and working on the puzzle. Laura finishes first and then starts spinning hers so Vytas can’t see it. Laura then starts helping Tina to finish the puzzle! It is what she needed, so Tina beats Vytas by a second! Laura smirks, but Vytas wants nothing to do with her and I don’t blame him. Him and his brother were threats and no one wanted them in the game, so Vytas joins his brother in jury!

For winning, Laura now gets to give out a clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol and she gives it to Ciera, who turns around and burns it! That is so silly. It is individual now and people want those clues on Survivor 2013!

Back at camp and Tyson knows that he has to survive these next two votes, so he wants to keep everyone hating on Katie and wanting her out. Hayden talks with Caleb and knows they are in the middle of their alliance, so it is time to make a big move. They know Tyson can beat them, so maybe before getting to the Final Five they will pick off someone, like Tyson. Caleb then talks with Katie to get rid of Tyson, which she now thinks her options are better. Caleb and Hayden then talk to Ciera and say they are final three and Katie will work with them to get rid of Tyson. She agrees, but then says she doesn’t want to work with flip-floppers and goes to Tyson to tell them their plans! Ugh! She said she would do anything that Tyson tells her until the end. Now it looks like Caleb or Hayden could be gone!

Gervase and Tyson talk and it looks like the focus will now go to Caleb and Hayden for trying to stir the pot.

The next morning arrives and Ciera goes out and gets tree mail with Tyson! Caleb and Hayden notice she has not talked to them at all. Hayden starts to get paranoid thinking that Ciera told Tyson. Katie is now worried and thinks they need a Plan B and if she doesn’t win immunity tonight, then she could be in trouble.

Immunity Challenge: they will each hold onto a rope handle which is attacked to a bucket that contains 25% of their body weight. The last person holding up their bucket wins immunity! However, Jeff Probst tempts them with a table full of food, including steak and chicken and rolls. They get to decide and Gervase, Tyson and Ciera have decided to eat, but the others will try for immunity.

The challenge starts and they can eat the whole time it is going on! We are ten minutes in and Monica is stone cold and hasn’t moved, but the others have all moved. More time has passed and Katie is falling even more and the rope falls off the hook and she is out! Ciera is really bothering me while eating!

Caleb is starting to bleed and Hayden says he isn’t voting for him, so he drops it and Caleb is out. It is now between Hayden and Monica and he is struggling big time and she is a beast on these. He can’t hold it any more and drops the bucket and Monica wins her third individual immunity!

The castaways get back to the camp and they praise Monica for winning again, but then they ask about all the food. Hayden feels that Gervase, Tyson and Ciera not eating means that they all feel safe and are all working together. Hayden and Katie talk and it is time for another plan. Hayden and Caleb talk and decide to just ask Tyson if they will be blindsiding one of them and if so, then tell him that Ciera is playing them all and get a unified tribe to vote out Ciera. He agrees with them and thinks that Ciera is playing everyone and he agrees, so it looks like Ciera will be voted out? Tyson doesn’t know who to trust, but he has the Hidden Immunity Idol for safety!

Tyson and Gervase talk and now they are all confused. Should they vote out Caleb or Ciera? They don’t know who to trust on this one and I don’t blame them. It looks like Tyson will avoid another vote!

Tribal Council: Hayden said his hands are all blistered and he is jealous of the three who got to eat because they feel so comfortable. Ciera said she looked at the challenge and knew she couldn’t win, so she chose to eat. She would rather eat than play the game and not eat and lose. Gervase and Hayden say they are good, which has Ciera worried. Tyson said he comes into Tribal Council hoping for the best, but expecting the worse. Ciera said she would be shocked if she was voted off tonight on Survivor 2013! Time for the vote! Jeff goes and tallies the votes and Tyson plays his Hidden Immunity Idol just to be safe!

Voting Results: Ciera, Caleb, Ciera, Ciera, Caleb, Caleb and Caleb! They tried to get out Ciera, but it failed and Caleb has been voted off Survivor Season 27 and heads to Redemption Island. However, Tyson did use his idol, so he doesn’t have that safety any more!

What do you think of the results on Survivor 2013 Season 27 tonight?

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