The loved ones on Survivor 2013 came into the game expecting big things and excited to play the game with their loved ones, but then Jeff Probst through a wrench into their plans and told them it was Survivor Blood vs Water and the loved ones would be on separate tribes competing against each other! However, all season long the castaways have been playing with the loved ones in mind and who would go to the merge with their loved one still in the game. The final loved one pairing (Laura and Ciera) still in the game will be tested tonight on Survivor Season 27. Watch it go down during our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2013 tonight with us!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Week 10

Last week on Survivor Season 27, the castaways were faced with double the pleasure: two Immunity Challenges and two Tribal Councils. While this gave some of the castaways a chance to cut some of the fat on the tribe and keep their alliance strong, it was not a fun week for Vytas and Tina, who were both voted out and headed to Redemption Island, where they joined Vytas’ brother Aras.

Tonight the focus will be on the last loved one duo left in the game: Ciera and Laura. Ciera has somehow made it this far and thinks it is time to make a big move to show her alliance she is there to win and that would be voting off her own mother to make Tyson happy. Watch it with us during our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Recap or see who who went home on Survivor 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…the castaways come back from Tribal Council and Katie is feeling defeated and knows she needs to figure out something tonight or she knows she is doomed. Ciera and Laura talk and they think if Katie wins immunity than Monica needs to go. If Katie does not win, then she needs to go. They say to let Tyson call the shots and they lay low. Ciera is leading them and tells her Mom to stick with the girls and be a girls-girl.

Redemption Island: Vytas, Aras and Tina arrive and the challenge is to use a hook and bring in three bags, each containing a ball. They must get all three bags and then use one of the balls to do a table maze. First two done remain in the game and the last one is eliminated and a first member of the jury on Survivor 2013. The winner gets to hand out the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Tina kicks butt on this one and gets all three bags in four tosses! Vytas starts out slowly, but gets his three bags before Aras. Aras then gets his third bag and all three are working on the maze. Tina has a huge lead. Aras is moving along, but then drops a ball out of the hole and must start over! Tina makes it all the way to the center section, but tries to get it into the final hole and it comes out and drops out and she has to start all over! Meanwhile, Vytas gets it in and wins this challenge. Tina comes back strong and Aras is stuck in the same spot! Tina gets it in the hole this time and is safe, which means that Aras is eliminated tonight on Survivor Season 27 and is the first member of the jury!

Since Vytas won, he gets to give the clue and he gives it to Katie, who keeps it because she needs it….finally someone keeps it, but it is individual now and a whole new game!

They get back to camp and Katie knows she is alone with the alliance strong, so she goes to the bathroom and reads her clue to find the Hidden Immunity Idol. She goes out looking for it, but back at camp Laura wants to take all the sharp objects and hide them so she can’t dig. The follow her around and dig right next to her. Tyson has a Hidden Immunity Idol, but weren’t there always more than one idol out there?

Tyson feels safe, so he goes out and talks to Hayden and Caleb and tells them they will vote for Laura and Gervase will too, so then Ciera won’t have to write her Mom’s name down and they can keep her with the alliance. Ciera knows that they are in trouble with being the only couple left, so she thinks her Mom needs to go because she thinks she has a better chance of winning over her Mom. Ciera is saying smart things, but she is thinking that she has way more power than she actually does! It was intense, but it got emotional and Laura thinks she is right.

Day is breaking on Survivor 2013, so Katie gets up to go out and find the idol. Laura knows she is in danger, so she goes out and follows her and digs along with her. Katie is not digging in the right place just to throw her off. Back at camp, Tyson talks to Ciera and said that Hayden and Caleb will be voting out her Mom! He is playing them all and none of them know it!!!

Immunity Challenge: the castaways will stand on a small platform holding onto a rope with knots in it. Every five minutes they will move down the rope and the last one standing will win immunity! There is also a reward up for grabs, which includes hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries!

The challenge kicks off and Hayden is struggling big time! He cannot hang on any longer and he drops out! Caleb joins him soon after and these challenges are killer on the guys and holding the heavier weight up! They move down a knot and Gervase and Ciera both fall out! Katie is now out (dang it) and it is down to Monica, Laura and Tyson. Laura falls out, so it is Monica (who looks to be in the zone) and Tyson (who is struggling). He falls out, so Monica wins her second individual immunity!

For the reward, Monica said the immunity necklace is all she wants and that means more to her than the food, so she gives it to all the tribe and she gets none! Political move there???

The castaways come back to camp with their full bellies and all saying thanks to Monica for giving them the food. Ciera talks with Katie and tells her that Gervase, Tyson and Monica are voting out her Mom and Tyson wants her to vote her Mom, but she is not going. Katie comes out and tells Ciera she does not have the idol after some lying from Ciera. Ciera is going around and lying to everyone. This is going to hurt her in the end and it will come back. She is trying to get Katie out, but Tyson knows the couple needs to be broken up. They are all saying every name and I hate how the producers do this!

Tribal Council: Jeff brings up the only loved one still being in the game and Tyson said there is a concern with the couple being there. Caleb said they both want this and will cut each other’s throats to get to the end. Laura wants them both to stay and it is two votes for someone and they could go to the Final 3. Time to vote though and this could be interesting! Jeff goes and tallies the votes and no one plays it.

Here are the votes: Laura, Katie, Laura, Laura, Laura and Laura, which means she is voted off again and heads to Redemption Island!

What do you think of the results on Survivor 2013 Season 27 tonight?

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