When one show ends another must begin, which is why we see the end of Big Brother 2013 tonight and the premiere of Survivor 2013 Season 27. We have the former castaways battling their loved ones in Survivor Blood vs Water and it looks like this is going to be a great season, unlike Big Brother 15. Survivor Season 27 looks to be very action-packed and fun and should kick things off strong tonight. Watch with us during our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Live Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2013 tonight!

Survivor 2013 Season 27 - Premiere

It is hard to believe that the summer has come and gone for 2013, but it could not end soon enough. Big Brother 15 was a disappointment, so now we have Jeff Probst and the 20 castaways to get us through these fall months! I think they will do just fine, as this new twist is something to spark some interest in the show again.

Besides a cast of some returning players, we also have an old twist brought back: Redemption Island. This is where eliminated castaways go to compete in challenges for a right back into the game and another chance at the $1 million. This time if a loved one goes there, their partner can choose to either save them and switch places with them on Redemption Island, which would then put that castaway right back into the game. Or they can leave them there to fight it out on their own. Now that is a tough choice to make, right?


Don’t want to know what happened on our Survivor 2013 Season 27 Live Recap or see who got voted off Survivor 2013 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…the castaways are arriving, but will spend the night together in separate spots on the island. They don’t know they won’t be playing with their loved ones, but competing against them!

They arrive in front of Jeff Probst and the fun has begun. Jeff tells them they will be competing against each other and not playing together and half of them are excited to compete against them. Brad said it will be hard to not think with his heart, which sets off an alarm and a target on him to not trust him!

Jeff gives them their buffs and tells them they are going to vote someone out right now from each tribe! The newbies vote and all vote out Laura, Rupert’s wife! Now for the returning players and they vote Candice with five votes, Laura with three votes and one vote for Gervase, so Candice is voted off her tribe. They are not out of the game, but will go to Redemption Island  and be the first two there. Jeff then offers the loved ones a chance to save their loved ones and Rupert does it with no questions, so he will go to Redemption Island and Laura will join the returning players tribe. John and Candice talk and they think she can beat Rupert, so she stays on Redemption Island and he stays on the newbies!

The Galang Tribe is the returning players plus Laura and they seem to be after Laura, but they do seem to be getting along well. Monica played with Colton before and was hurt by him, but can she trust him this time?

Tadhana Tribe are the newbies and they work on camp and Brad is trying to setup an all-guy alliance, since they have a 5-4 advantage. He is coming out with guns blazing, but is it too soon???

We then learn that Ciera got pregnant at 16 years old and Vytas spent a year in prison because of drugs. That is a lot of sharing on Tadhana, huh? Colton then has a breakdown about being gay and his acceptance by his family and friends. He cries and seems to be sincere, but can he really be on Survivor 2013 Season 27.

We get a look at Redemption Island and Candice is doing all the work and over it, as Rupert sleeps and sits in the water! He is conserving himself though, as he said he never wins immunity because he always tries to take care of his tribe, but not this time!

Immunity Challenge: they will swim and race through obstacles (six of them) and get on a boat to paddle back. There is a case in the boat and they will bring that to the three remaining players and put together a puzzle to raise the flag. First tribe done wins immunity and fire.

Colton loses it, so I guess he has not changed. The Tadhana Tribe gets off to a huge lead, but they lose it at the puzzle and Galang comes back strong and wins immunity and flint!

Back at camp and time for Tadhana to figure out who to vote out. They hated how Gervase gloated with the win, so now the guys want to take out Marissa because of it. Katie is another possibility on Survivor Season 27. Who do you think it will be?

Tribal Council: Brad talks about the celebrating and now Marissa is worried about Gervase’s actions. Katie is worried based on the challenge and the puzzle makers struggled.

Voting results on Survivor 2013 Season 27: Katie gets one vote and then five votes for Marissa and she is the first person voted off Survivor Blood vs Water, but heads to Redemption Island and could be back!

That’s it for tonight on Survivor 2013, what do you think of the results?

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